West Virginia Citizen Action Group - Who Are We?

West Virginia Citizen Action Group (WV-CAG) has, since 1974, advocated for better public policy, rights of individuals, a clean environment and a stronger democratic process.

The philosophy of WV-CAG is that full-time citizen participation in the decision-making processes in our state is absolutely essential. Our main goal is to increase the voice of the average citizen in public affairs - to speak out in behalf of the consumer, to speak out in defense of a cleaner environment, and to speak out against governmental corruption.

Our staff focuses its attention on regulatory agencies, the state legislature, the courts, and the news media. WV-CAG organizes coalitions on issues and gives a voice to those who have no professional lobbyists representing them at the state legislature. It prides itself on its original research reports.

Our issues include: health care reform, taxation reform, utility reform, good government, ethics, election reform, fair drug pricing, victims rights, women's issues, environmental protection and consumer advocacy. We are proud of our reputation to both quickly respond to urgent citizen crises as well as to plan for long-term legislative changes.

Our members include activists and people of conscience from every county in the state.

WV Citizen Action Group (WV-CAG) is an affiliate of USAction, the nation’s largest progressive activist organization, dedicated to winning social, racial, and economic justice for all. USAction fights to win on issues that matter to every American.USAction represents three million members in 34 affiliates, with statewide organizations in 24 states.

WV-CAG is also a proud member/sponsor of: