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June 12, 2015 Action Alert Karan Ireland
Families Need Earned Sick Days, Ask Sen Manchin to co-sponsor!
Recently Sen. Manchin voted for an amendment in support of Earned Sick Leave. West Virginia Citizen Action and our national affiliate USAction think it’s times to ask him to take the next step…
Issues: Sick leave
June 11, 2015 Action Alert Karan Ireland
Not so Fast Track!
Call Congress today to oppose Fast Tracking the TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership treaty): 1-888-966-9836. The TPP has been negotiated in total secrecy with lobbyists of the trans-national corporations and is much more than the simple “Free Trade” deal it's being promoted as.
Issues: Fast trackTrade agreementsWorkers
May 26, 2015 Action Alert Karan Ireland
Movie Screenings and a Call to Action
Citizen Action Group Action Alert View / Comment Online Join WV- CAG for a FREE Movie Night!Or, see it in Shepherdstown, WV on June 4 at 7:00 pm: USA Screening & Action Tour Screening with the Robert C. Byrd Center for Legislative Studies Where: Shepherd University – Robert C. Byrd Center for Legislative Studies Address: 213 N. King […]
Issues: Fast trackTrade agreements
May 21, 2015 Action Alert Karan Ireland
Join the movement for a safe water system!
Citizen Action Group Action Alert View / Comment Online Last Sunday, ratepayers rallied at WV American Water’s Treatment Plant to tell the company that we refuse to pay for their mistakes.Sunday’s action was just the beginning. The Public Service Commission has until late February 2016 to make its decision about WV American Water’s proposed 30% […]
Issues: MCHMWater
May 14, 2015 Action Alert Karan Ireland
You don’t want to miss out…
Citizen Action Group Action Alert View / Comment Online West Virginia Citizen Action Group’s Spring Fling is the hottest ticket in town! On Friday, May 15 from 5:30 to 9 pm at the Charleston Woman’s Club, we will be honoring the achievements of our award winners: the West Virginia Sustainable Business Council and Delegate Nancy Guthrie. But, […]
Issues: Sustainability
May 1, 2015 Action Alert Karan Ireland
We need your help to reach our goal!
Citizen Action Group Action Alert View / Comment Online WV CAG is gearing up for our Spring Fling fundraiser! The date is Friday, May 15 from 5:30 to 9 pm at the Charleston Woman’s Club. We will have a delicious catered meal, music by 600 lbs of Sin!, and time to honor the achievements of our award winners: the […]
Issues: Event
April 13, 2015 Action Alert Karan Ireland
Tax Day Help Wanted
Citizen Action Group Action Alert   View / Comment Online WV CAG needs your help at the downtown Charleston Post Office on Wednesday, April 15! Come help us get the word out about who is and WHO IS NOT paying taxes, and about where those tax dollars go! We are looking for 4-6 volunteers to […]
Issues: Fair taxationInequality
March 31, 2015 Action Alert Karan Ireland
Hope you can make it!
Citizen Action Group Action Alert View / Comment Online Join WV Citizen Action Group for Our 2015 Spring Fling  Friday, May 15, 2015 ~ Charleston Woman’s Club   5:30 PM – 9 PM Join our progressive community to celebrate the beginning of the 41st year of Citizen Action in West Virginia! You’re invited for happy hour, a […]
Issues: Event
MCHM tanks
March 10, 2015 Action Alert Karan Ireland
I have a big favor to ask of you!
The House Judiciary Committee passed SB 423 without amendment on Monday evening. We have reason to believe that your voices at last Friday’s public hearing have prevented further weakening of the bill, but we still need to beef it up or kill it altogether. We have something big to ask of you!
Issues: Aboveground tanksMCHMWater
MCHM tanks
March 4, 2015 Action Alert Karan Ireland
Will You Tell Your Story on Friday?
Tell the West Virginia House of Delegates we won't accept legislation that leaves our water systems, families, and communities at risk! The House is having a Public Hearing this Friday, March 6 at 8:30 am. It's urgent that we pack the House on and let them know WE HAVEN'T FORGOTTEN!
Issues: MCHMWater
MCHM tanks
February 3, 2015 Action Alert Karan Ireland
Drinking Water Protections Under Attack
We need your calls and emails today! Drinking water protections are under attack at the State Capitol.
Issues: MCHMWater
February 1, 2015 Newsletter Karan Ireland
Week 3: All Hands On Deck
Find out what's been happening at the Legislature- trust us, there's a lot!
Issues: Budget prioritiesEducationEnergy efficiencyLiving wageNet meteringRecyclingRight to work
January 26, 2015 Action Alert Karan Ireland
Advocacy Training Coming Tomorrow to Buckhannon
Understand the legislative process and how you can be part of it! Sponsored by ACLU of WV, AFSC WV, OCOF, OVEC, PCACS, WVCSP, WV CAG, WVEC, WVHKFC, WV Justice for Families, WV FREE, Sierra Club WV.
Issues: EventTraining
January 16, 2015 Newsletter Karan Ireland
Week 1: Join Us for MLK, Jr. Day & Other Upcoming Events
The 2015 WV Legislature opened Wednesday evening with Governor Tomblin’s State of the State Address exhorting the legislature to work “together” for the betterment of our citizens. Meanwhile, the Senate introduced 232 bills and the House total was 56. These range from allowing raw milk to be sold to allowing folks to carry a concealed gun without a permit. It’s comforting to know the majority of these will never get out the other end of the legislative sausage grinder. It’s scary to contemplate the ones that might make it along with the few we’d like to see pass.
Issues: Clean electionsEnergy efficiencyNet meteringWater
Charleston WV Water Crisis
January 5, 2015 Action Alert Karan Ireland
Friday January 9 Activities Mark Anniversary of Water Crisis
A year ago on January 9, many of us woke and wondered what was in the air that could be causing a strange licorice-like odor? Later, we learned that it was not only our air, but our water, that had been contaminated here in Charleston, and in eight other neighboring counties.
Issues: MCHMWater
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