Issue: Fair Taxation

As a member of the Coalition for West Virginia Families, WV CAG is looking for ways to make our tax system less regressive. We support the Coalition’s recommendation that families making below poverty-level wages be exempted from paying state income tax and will work to introduce legislation accomplishing this objective.

On the other end of the scale, we must continually push for large mineral holdings to be assessed at fair market value in order to provide revenue for local schools and services. The repeal of the “Managed timber land tax credit” for large timber companies is a major priority of WV CAG.

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October 13, 2013 Press Release CAG
Citizens to Hold Cease and Desist Action at Rep. Shelley Moore Capito’s Office
West Virginia Citizen Action Group and other labor and social justice organizations will be issuing a cease and desist order to Rep Shelley Capito’s office asking her to stop going along with her party’s extreme politics that’s destroying the American dream.
Issues: Fair taxationHealthcareSNAP
August 7, 2013 Press Release CAG
Statement by AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka Calling on Corporate America to Pay Its Fair Share
At a time when the 1% have demanded so much sacrifice from working people in the name of deficit reduction, we must ask something of big corporations. That means “revenue positive” corporate tax reform that raises significant amounts of new tax revenue. We must start by ending all tax incentives for outsourcing jobs overseas, which would raise more than $583 billion in tax revenue over 10 years.
Issues: Fair taxationInequalityWorkers
August 1, 2013 Citizen Action Group Blog CAG
Offshore Shell Games: The Use of Offshore Tax Havensby the Top 100 Publicly Traded Companies
Many large U.S.-based multinational corporations avoid paying U.S. taxes by using accounting tricks to make profits made in America appear to be generated in offshore tax havens—countries with minimal or no taxes.
Issues: Fair taxation
April 4, 2013 Citizen Action Group Blog CAG
Picking Up the Tab 2013: Average Citizens and Small Businesses Pay the Price for Offshore Tax Havens
Some U.S.-based multinational firms and individuals avoid paying U.S. taxes by using accounting tricks to shift profits made in America to offshore tax havens—countries with minimal or no taxes.
Issues: Fair taxation
Banking reform
March 21, 2013 Press Release CAG
Citizens & Workers Call on Congress to Close Corporate Tax Loopholes
Activists expose Verizon’s stashed offshore profits; urge Senator Manchin to support $1 trillion in revenue from the richest 2% and Big Corporations during Senate budget debate
Issues: Fair taxationInequalityWorkers
March 18, 2013 Press Release CAG
Citizens Mark St. Patrick’s Holiday With A Call To “Put The Green” Into The Federal Budget
Activists expose Verizon’s stashed offshore profits; urge Senator Manchin to support $1 trillion in revenue from the richest 2% and corporations during Senate budget debate next week
Issues: Fair taxationWorkers
February 27, 2013 Press Release CAG
With Sequester Looming, Groups Call for Support for Social Programs
As part of a National Day of Action across the U.S., local social service and justice groups gathered for a roundtable discussion at City Hall with representatives from Senator Rockefeller’s and Manchin’s office to call for continued support for essential programs that help the needy and to look to the ever‐expanding Pentagon Budget for cuts.
Issues: Fair taxationPoverty
Banking reform
February 20, 2013 Press Release CAG
New U.S. PIRG Study Exposes the Real Cost of Tax Loopholes for WV Citizens
Revenue from Closing Overseas Tax Loopholes Should Be Collected Before Congress Makes Cuts to Education, Health Care and Other Vital Programs
Issues: Fair taxation
February 5, 2013 Press Release CAG
Offshore Tax Dodging Blows $106 Million Hole in WV Budget
– With West Virginia’s Budget under heavy pressure, WV Citizen Action, released a new study by U.S. PIRG revealing that West Virginia lost $106 million due to offshore tax dodging in 2012.
Issues: Fair taxation
February 5, 2013 Citizen Action Group Blog CAG
The Hidden Cost of Offshore Tax Havens
When U.S. corporations and wealthy individuals use offshore tax havens to avoid paying taxes to the federal government, it is an abuse of our tax system.
Issues: Fair taxation
Banking reform
January 30, 2013 Press Release CAG
Citizen Groups Urge Senator Manchin to Protect Working Families By Standing Up For “Fair Taxes, Not Cuts”
WV Citizen Action, a member of Americans for Tax Fairness, delivered a message to Senator Manchin from several West Virginia groups today calling for Fair Taxes, Not Cuts as part of a national day of action in coordination with state and national labor, advocacy and faith groups.
Issues: Fair taxationInequality
October 3, 2012 Press Release CAG
2012 Congressional Report Card: Rep. Shelley Moore Capito Failing Seniors
Did Congresswoman Capito Make the Grade on the Issues Seniors Care About Most?
Issues: Fair taxationHealthcareSocial security
July 31, 2012 Press Release CAG
Report Shows Impact to West Virginians of Ending Bush Tax Cuts for Richest 2%
2012) If the U.S. House of Representatives passes the Republican plan this week to extend the Bush‐era tax cuts for households making over $250,000, the wealthiest 1.7 percent of West Virginians in that income group could get a disproportionate 29 percent of the total tax breaks in their state. They’re average tax cut would be about $25,000.
Issues: Fair taxationInequality
July 26, 2012 Press Release CAG
WV Senators Praised for Voting to Support Tax Cuts for 98% of Americans
2012 WV Citizen Action praised both WV’s Senators for taking an important first step to restoring fairness in our tax system by voting today for the Middle Class Tax Cut Act (S. 3412).
Issues: Fair taxation
Banking reform
May 10, 2012 Press Release CAG
Report Details Harm If Student Loan Rate Doubles
WV Citizen Action Education Fund (WV-CAEF), USAction Education Fund and Campus Progress today co-released a report detailing how an increase in the Stafford loan interest rate would hurt West Virginians.
Issues: Fair taxation
April 12, 2012 Citizen Action Group Blog CAG
Corporations and the Super-Rich: PAY YOUR FAIR SHARE!
2012 Tax Season is upon us, and USAction is planning more than 32 events in 16 states to tell Corporations and the Super-Rich: PAY YOUR FAIR SHARE!
Issues: EventFair taxation
April 18, 2011 Citizen Action Group Blog CAG
Tax Shell Game: How Much Did Offshore Tax Havens Cost You in 2010?
Tax havens are countries with minimal or no taxes, to which U.S.-based multinational firms or individuals transfer their earnings to avoid paying taxes in the United States.
Issues: Fair taxation
March 10, 2011 Press Release CAG
WV Labor and Community Groups to Join TOGETHER & Rally for Workers Rights and the American Dream
In Wisconsin and around our country, the American Dream is under fierce attack. Instead of creating jobs, politicians are giving huge tax breaks to corporations and the very rich—and then cutting funding for education, police, emergency response, and vital human services.
Issues: Fair taxationInequality
Banking reform
April 9, 2010 Citizen Action Group Blog CAG
Who’s Complaining about Health Care Reform? (And What Do They Pay in Taxes?)
A new analysis from Citizens for Tax Justice shows that many of the companies protesting a tax-loophole-closing reform enacted in the new health care reform law are paying corporate taxes at less than a third of the 35 percent statutory corporate tax rate, and in some cases are actually getting tax rebates back from the federal government. 
Issues: Fair taxationHealthcare
April 15, 2009 Citizen Action Group Blog CAG
Tax Shell Game: The Taxpayer Cost of Offshore Corporate Tax Havens
Many of the largest corporations in our country hide profits made in the United States in offshore shell companies and sham headquarters in order to avoid paying billions in federal taxes.
Issues: Fair taxation
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