The People’s Election Reform Coalition of West Virginia (PERC WV) is a joint project of the Ohio Valley Environmental Coalition (OVEC) and West Virginia Citizen Research Group (WV CRG). PERC WV’s primary mission is to focus on how special interest money is impacting our democratic institutions in West Virginia.

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August 14, 2006 Citizen Action Group Blog CAG
Analysis of Coal Industry Contributions to State Political Campaigns 1996-2004
Since 1996, coal interests have contributed more than $4 million to candidates for Governor, Supreme Court and the Legislature.
Issues: Clean electionsPERC
August 1, 2006 Citizen Action Group Blog CAG
Report on Campaign Contributions to Legislative Candidates During the 2004 Election Cycle
By maintaining a database of special interest contributions to political campaigns, tracking significant bills in the legislature, and issuing reports on our research, PERC-WV educates the public on the significant influence that special interest money plays in West Virginia politics. PERC-WV underscores problems and proposes solutions based on its research.
Issues: Clean electionsPERC
September 6, 2005 Citizen Action Group Blog CAG
Analysis of Contributions to Legislative Candidates During the 2004 Primary Election
The purpose of this report is to provide West Virginians with a quantitative summary of campaign donations made to legislative candidates in the 2004 primary election.
Issues: Clean electionsPERC
August 31, 2005 Citizen Action Group Blog CAG
Coal Industry Investment Portfolio for 2004
Coal's political investments for 2004
Issues: Clean electionsPERC
October 22, 2003 Citizen Action Group Blog CAG
2002 Election Cycle Report
Since 1996, when PERC-WV began monitoring campaign finance in West Virginia, contributions to members of the legislature have increased 60%, outpacing consumer inflation nearly four times. With campaign contributions increasing, the influence of the West Virginia voter is overshadowed by the financial clout of special interest groups.
Issues: Clean electionsPERC
October 22, 2003 Citizen Action Group Blog CAG
Report on Tobacco and the 2003 Legislature
The tobacco industry has a single overriding goal: Maintain profits by selling as much product as possible.
Issues: Clean electionsPERC
March 13, 2003 Citizen Action Group Blog CAG
Report on Coal and the 2003 Legislature
PERC looked at three votes on increasing coal truck weight limits in the West Virginia Legislature during the past year.
Issues: Clean electionsOverweight trucksPERC
November 7, 2002 Citizen Action Group Blog CAG
2002 Primary Election Report
Total contributions to legislative candidates have increased 24% since the 2000 Primary Election, out pacing the rate of inflation by nearly six times.
Issues: Clean electionsPERC
October 21, 2001 Citizen Action Group Blog CAG
2000 Election Cycle Report
PERC-WV is proud to release its third comprehensive report on West Virginia election financing. Over thirty eight thousand contributions were made by special interests to finance the 2000 election.
Issues: Clean electionsPERC
October 18, 1999 Citizen Action Group Blog CAG
1998 Election Cycle Report
The West Virginia People’s Election Reform Coalition (PERC-WV) is a non-partisan coalition made up of labor organizations, good government advocates, environmental groups and others, which work together to raise awareness of the need for campaign finance reform.
Issues: Clean electionsPERC
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