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November 4
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Coalition on Human Needs

This week Congress votes on human needs appropriations, and it's a must-pass test.

Call to make sure your Representative doesn't fail - leave NO Rep. behind!

Call toll-free, starting Monday, November 5:

The House of Representatives will vote on the Labor-HHS-Education appropriations bill as early as Tuesday, November 6.  Please call 1-888-460-0813 before the vote and ask to speak to your Rep. When connected, urge him/her to:

Please vote for the appropriations bill for the Department of Labor, Health and Human Services and Education.  It's an investment in education, health, services, and jobs for the people who live in our district and the nation.  A yes vote begins to rebuild after 7 years of cuts - voting against it will mean more cuts to our communities.

This vote is critically important.  The President has said he will veto this bill.  It will take two-thirds majority to override a veto.  Without that, the modest progress in this bill will be replaced by cuts - for the seventh year in a row.  We are only a few votes away from a veto-proof majority! 

So please call your Rep. next week and forward this message to your networks and friends!

It is especially important for Reps. who voted against the Labor-HHS-Ed bill earlier this year to hear from their constituents. Check to see if your Rep. passed the test before: http://www.chn.org/pdf/2007/lhhsedhousevote.pdf.

Need help finding your Rep's name? Enter your zip code on the upper left side of this page: http://www.house.gov/

To learn more about what's at stake visit:  http://www.bostonconferencing.net/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=244&Itemid=157.

Don't let Congress fail this important test! Call your Rep!

*Thanks to AFSCME for making the toll-free number available!

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