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December 11
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Ask Congressmen Rahall and Mollohan to Say NO to a Blank Check for Iraq War

Democrats were given a mandate last November to stand up to President Bush and find a way to end the war in Iraq.  Instead, Congress is poised to pass a bill which would give the White House over $70 billion in additional Pentagon funding for Iraq and Afghanistan and only an $11 billion increase for critically needed domestic programs.  And here's the best part..... the President has said he will veto this bill because it spends too much on domestic programs.  Yet Democrats are still willing to cave in.

It's time for the Democratic Congress to stand up to the White House.  Please call Reps. Rahall and Mollohan and tell them:

1.       This deal is unacceptable.  Don't give the President a blank check for this endless Iraq war.  We need investments in our domestic priorities, but not at this price.

2.       Now is the time for leadership.  Support your base, not the president.  Oppose any additional funding for the war that does not include a timeline and a date certain to bring the troops home. 

3.      Vote against this omnibus bill.  However, even if you vote for it, we strongly urge you to vote ‘no’ when the bill comes back from the Senate with no strings attached to Iraq war funding.

You can reach our West Virginia representatives by calling 202-225-3452 (Rep. Rahall)  and 202-225-4172 (Rep. Mollohan).


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