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June 17
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Unemployment Insurance

Victory! Last week the House won a veto proof vote, 274 to 137, to approve legislation that would extend unemployment benefit insurance for up to 26 weeks after failing to pass the measure Wednesday under an expedited procedure. The legislation would provide 13 weeks of unemployment benefits in every state to workers who exhaust the 26 weeks of regular unemployment benefits. In states with higher levels of unemployment, an additional 13 weeks would be available, for a total of 26 weeks of extended benefits.  Representatives Capito, Rahall and Mollohan all voted for the legislation.

Please call toll-free at  888-460-0813 to thank them for their vote!

See the roll call here: http://clerk.house.gov/evs/2008/roll412.xml  

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 Today's Charleston Gazette ran a front page story (http://www.wvgazette.com/News/200806161006) about clear cutting in Coonskin Park to make room for a privately financed golf driving range.  This area in the picture below was formerly home to an exercise trail built in the early 80s as a partnership effort between the Parks and St. Francis Hospital. The area was heavily wooded with a stream.

The Kanawha County Parks Commission meets tomorrow morning 8:30 at the Coonskin Clubhouse. Please plan to attend to show your outrage at this destruction.  We don't know what's on the agenda or if they'll take questions/comments from the public but a good turn-out will show them people are unhappy with what they have allowed to take place on publicly owned park land.

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Sign The Petition to Support Clean Elections in WV

Show Our Legislators There Is Grassroots Support For Clean Elections!

The coalition – WV Citizens for Clean Elections – is sponsoring a petition drive to demonstrate that the citizens of our state want to change the way our Delegates and Senators are elected. The West Virginia Environmental Council has been a long-time member of this coalition. We want a more diverse field of qualified candidates to have a fair shot at being elected - without being beholden to special interest donations. Public campaign financing is working in Maine, Arizona, North Carolina, and other states, and better public policies that work for all the voters is a result! You can be involved by signing the petition and telling your friends about this campaign. We plan to collect as many signatures as possible to present to Legislative leaders as we push for passage of the Public Campaign Financing Act during the 2009 legislative session!


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 Would you like to tell your story on how rapidly rising gas prices have affected you?  Click on http://www.StopPainAtThePump.org/ to send it in.  This website is sponsored by USAction and True Majority, our national affiliates.

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