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February 10
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Senate Debate Costing 803 Jobs an Hour

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Take Back the Debate:

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In President Obama's address on the economic crisis last night, you heard him say that "Doing little or nothing at all will result in even greater deficits, even greater job loss, even greater loss of income..." But even yesterday Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) still had just one thing to say about passing the jobs plan: "No."

We've got an easy, rapid-response way to push back. Here's how:

1) Watch this video. It takes 60 seconds. And you'll be increasing its prominence on YouTube, where new activists can find it.

2) Send the video to five friends. The other side is spreading their talking points far and wide -- we have to do the same.


Take two minutes, and spread the word. This battle of opinion on whether we take steps to create jobs, or just keep repeating the last administration's policies, makes a real difference. Have your say; it matters.

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