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July 29
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Thanks to all who took time yesterday to call in to Congress for health reform. Come to the Turn Around America Rally on Sunday to help us celebrate (with music, food and fun for the kids) this great national action for reform. (Click here for flyer and details)

This will be remembered as Health Care Summer – especially if we can pass significant reforms including a new public plan option.

But it won’t be easy. Opponents are spending $1.4 million/day to defeat reform. Rush’s dittoheads are outnumbering us in the volume of calls and letters into Congress.

We have to counter the special interests that want things to stay the same (and the money continuing to flow into their bank accounts) by talking to friends & neighbors; writing letters to the editor; volunteering to get petitions signed, and generally making as much noise as possible for health care reform.

We need your help to get Health Reform passed this year. Can you volunteer some time to make it happen?

If so contact us at the CAG office at 304-346-5891 or e-mail me at garyz@wvcag.org

There are lots of different ways you can help right from where you are!

Starting on Sunday we need several folks to come to the rally (see flier) and circulate petitions. On Aug. 8th & 22nd we’re looking for activists who want to circulate petitions in their own towns. We’re always looking for those who are willing to sign a letter to the editor (we have several samples on hand you can adapt)

So join the Health Care Reform team and help make history this year!


Gary Zuckett, Executive Director
WV Citizen Action Group

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