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September 15
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Below: This Week!

September 17:  Health Care Panel and Discussion - Nutter Fort, WV

Nutter Fort Elementary School, 7PM.  Written questions will be accepted from the audience

Discussion to include:

 Need for reform, current state of health care in West Virginia, how the status quo will not solve the problems, what the President is proposing and what Congress is considering, what you can do to let your opinion be known

 Panel Members include Senator Jeff Kessler, Perry Bryant, Joe Powell, Rev. Tammy Phillips, Rick Eddy and others.

 Sponsored  by North Central WV Democracy for America, with assistance from West Virginia Citizen Action Group, Harrison County Democratic Party

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 September 18:  Turning a New Leaf

Fundraiser for West Virginia's Legal Assistance to Victims Partnership

Terra Salis Garden Center, Malden, WV, 6 - 9 PM

Help Victims of Domestic Violence Turn Over  New Leaf in Life

For tickets or sponsorship information, please call the WV Coalition Against Domestic Violence at 304-965-3552.  Directions to Terra Salis Garden Center:  Malden exit of Midland Trail (Route 60 East), left at stop sign for one mile.

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From Our Friends at WV Patriots For Peace:

 We are at a critical moment where the peace movement--the PEOPLE-- can push our President and our country in the right direction, OUT of Afghanistan.  People are organizing next week in towns all over the country.  Can you help in West Virginia? 

Please read on for actions happening all week:

Sign the
online petition--via Facebook, emails, Twitter--that demands President Obama, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid cease occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan.  Go ahead and sign it now, send to friends!

*Tuesday, September 15th we will be calling in to radio stations and sending letters to the editors, spreading the message and creating momentum around the call for troop withdrawal.  If you would like to be a part of this media blitz, email lidaprince@gmail.com to receive sample letters and talking points.

*Wednesday, September 16th
will be FREEWAY BLOGGING (or bannering) day.  We will have sheets with painted messages OUT OF AFGHANISTAN and HEALTHCARE NOT WARFARE and hold them over busy overpasses.  To be a part of the peace and fun, which will start this weekend with a painting party, simply reply to this email and say, "Sign me up for freeway blogging!"  We need help painting and/OR holding banners.

*Thursday, September 17th members of CODEPINK and other national peace groups will be delivering signatures to Congress and meeting with our leaders in Washington.  We will stand in solidarity with them, spreading the word and gathering signatures.

*Friday, September 18th
marks the anniversary of the Authorization of Use of Military Force, which led us straight into Afghanistan on October 7th (eight costly, bloody years ago).  We will be calling our representatives and engaging in phone-a-thons, encouraging passerbyers on the street to get on their cell phone and call Congress.

Obama needs to hold true to his challenge: "You are judged by what you build, not what you destroy."  Now is the time to demand an exit strategy from Afghanistan, and speak loudly and clearly that an increase in troops is the wrong way.  Public opinion has shifted against this war, Republicans are speaking out against this war, Democrats are showing resistance to troop increases, even Vice President Joe Biden expresses deep reservations about further entrenchment in Afghanistan. 

But you know what?  It will be we the people who end these wars!  JOIN US!

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