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October 5
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Help Us Thank Senator Rockefeller Tomorrow!

Join us and the many groups in West Virginia working hard for Health Care Reform in the lobby of the old Daniel Boone Hotel (405 Capitol Street) in Charleston on Tuesday, October 6 at 11:30AM to applaud West Virginia's Senator Rockefeller for his valiant efforts for Real Health Reform. Rockefeller has repeatedly taken the side of the public over Big Insurance. Speakers representing WV member groups of the national coalition Health Care for America Now (HCAN) will recognize him as a national champion in the fight to provide health care for all.

It's a Crime to Deny Care Protest CAMC

After the press conference, many of the assembled groups will march up Washington St. to CAMC hospital to set up a mock "Crime Scene" armed with signs, personal stories, crime scene tape, and chalk to graphically demonstrate what happens every day - Big Insurance Bureaucrats blocking access to medically need care in hospitals and doctors offices all over the nation. The groups will deliver a simple message: If the insurance companies win, we lose.

Get your 15 minutes of fame! Play a doc and/or a nurse, a few patients and a big wig insurance exec.  You will be given a few lines. You will be filmed. It will be fun and help MILLIONS, say 47 million if this gets pulled off right! To be in the show, e-mail jeremybrannon@hotmail.com

Click here to watch a video of West Virginia Citizen Action Group's latest health care action. 

See you tomorrow!

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Who: WV-Citizen Action Group, WV for Affordable Health Care, SEIU-1199, WV Nurses Assoc, NASW-WVYOU!

What: Recognition of WV Sen. Rockefeller as National Champion of Health Reform, then a march to CAMC for an "It's a Crime to Deny Care" Insurance protest

When: Tuesday, October 6th at 11:30 AM (11:30AM-12:30PM)

Where: Lobby of Daniel Boone Building at: 405 Capitol Street, Charleston, then a march to CAMC hospital

For more information, please contact Gary Zuckett at (304) 346-5891 or garyz@wvcag.org.

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