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October 6
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Join Tens of Thousands of Callers From Across the Country Today and Tomorrow

National Call-In Days for Health Care!

Help Us Generate 500 Calls to Senators Byrd and Rockefeller

Message to Senator Rockefeller:  Thank you for being a champion for citizens against big insurance.  Keep fighting for the public option in the Finance Committee.

Message to Senator Byrd:  Please support the Kennedy bill with a strong public option.

Lots of Ways to Call:

1-877-264-4226 (you can leave a message)

Local offices:  304-347-5372 (Senator Rockefeller); 304-342-5855 (Senator Byrd)

Congressional switchboard:  1-888-436-8427

Click to Call:  http://tools.advomatic.com/8/crime

Even if you've called before, we need your call again - help us keep up the pressure for REAL HEALTH CARE REFORM!

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