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February 3
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No First Friday this Month

Due to the Legislative Session, we will not be holding our First Friday gathering this month.  We'll keep you posted on next month!  Thanks!

Progressively minded folks will be getting together tomorrow night, Thursday, February 4, at Bruno's, near the Clay Center in Charleston.  5:30 PM.

Bitter Cane - Documentary Classic, Six Years in the Making

The history of Haiti is covered eloquently and succinctly, in this timeless documentary classic that begins with the slave revolution for Haitian independence and continues through U.S. economic domination. The film includes interviews with staff and textile workers in classes offered by the Southern Appalachian Labor School (SALS) in Spencer, WV and interviews with Haitian women refugees at the Alderson (WV) Federal Detention Center. The film, shot clandestinely in Haiti in collaboration with the Mouvement Haitien de Liberation and in West Virginia with the Southern Appalachian Labor School, was awarded second place in the Cannes (France) International Film Festival.

If you would like to arrange a gathering of people to raise funds for Haitian relief, the Southern Appalachian Labor School (SALS) can loan you a copy of this film for a showing.  The film is available on VHS and DVD and any raised funds need to go to a major relief agency.  For more information, contact Alisha at 304.442.3156 or 304.442.3157.

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