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March 3
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March With Us On March 9 Against Big Insurance

On March 9 Big Insurance CEOs are gathering for a fancy conference in Washington, D.C. They're probably planning to congratulate themselves for having all but killed efforts to reform health care.

But we've got a surprise planned for them. We're organizing a posse of citizens to surround their fancy hotel and arrest these CEO-scallywags for a long list of other crimes against patients and the people.

Please travel to Washington, D.C. with us on Tuesday, March 9.  Vans will leave from Charleston at approximately 3:30AM, arrive in DC around 10:30AM.  We expect to be back in Charleston around 10PM that evening.  Transportation and lunch will be provided.

Help us protest Big Insurance.  Come to DC with us.  For more information, please contact linda@wvcag.org or 304-346-5891.

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