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December 8
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 Call Senator Manchin and Reps. Mollohan and Rahall Before the Big Vote; Thank Senator Rockefeller for His Support!

Ask them to say "YES" to extending unemployment benefits and "NO" to tax cuts for millionaires.  Call toll-free at: 1-866-606-1189 and tell them America needs our help. 3.2 million people (including over 10,000 West Virginians) will lose benefits starting today!.  Don’t cut benefits for the unemployed to pay for MORE tax cuts for millionaires! 

Call 1-866-606-1189 and you'll be patched through so that so you can tell Congress what's at stake.

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 Urge Lawmakers to Pass Marcellus Shale Drilling Bill Out of Subcommittee

Last month the Joint Legislative Interim Judiciary Subcommittee A introduced a draft bill establishing a new regulatory program for gas wells utilizing horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing. While the bill is aimed at regulating the Marcellus Shale gas well drilling occurring now in West Virginia, it would apply to all drilling using these new drilling techniques.

The subcommittee will begin discussing this important bill as early as next Monday, at their December Interim committee meetings. Our preliminary reading of this draft legislation shows that it contains some good things and some not-so-good things, and omits some things we want.

But it is important that the subcommittee pass a bill out before Interim sessions end in January, so that the full legislature will have a comprehensive draft bill to consider when they convene on January 12.

Please contact NOW the members of Interim Judiciary Subcommittee A and urge them to pass this comprehensive draft legislation out of subcommittee and on to the full legislature for its further consideration. Committee members need to know their constituents are concerned about the greater impacts of Marcellus and other deep shale drilling and this bill is a crucial start. Including comments about problems you've experienced or know about in other areas of the state is helpful, but not necessary. The industry has already made its opposition to this bill known -- now it's time for legislators to hear from you.

Please go to the WV Environmental Council's website for a complete contact list: http://www.wvecouncil.org/take_action/2010/12_07.html.

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 Ask Congressman Mollohan to Support the Dream Act

From National Immigration Forum:

Thousands of immigrant young people were brought to this country by their parents years ago and have since grown up here, gone to school here and are now American in every way but their paperwork. Because of their immigration status, they cannot go to college or serve in our military.

The DREAM Act will allow these young people to stay, continue their education or serve in the military, and give them an opportunity to contribute to our society.

Please call Rep. Alan Mollohan today toll-free at 1-866-606-1189 to ask him to support the Dream Act.

For more information, please visit: http://www.immigrationforum.org/policy/legislation/the-dream-act-in-the-111th-congress.

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