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April 16
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Tax Day:  Make The Corporations Pay!

Come to the

Protest Rally at Charleston Downtown Post Office

1002 Lee St E, Charleston, WV

Monday, April 18th 5-6 PM


Are you mad that Congress is moving to cut social programs

and also cut taxes for millionaires?

Are you mad that billion dollar corporations are dodging their taxes

leaving you to pick up the tab?

Bank of America alone:    

         Paid $0 in Federal Income taxes;

         Has 115 offshore tax havens;

         Spent $11 million on campaign contributions and $24 million on lobbying expenditures in the past 10 years; and

         Received $2.3 billion from the federal government in 2009 while it made $4.4 billion in profits.

Then join us in Charleston on Tax Day to call for corporate tax dodgers to pay their fair share and to oppose cuts to essential social programs in order to give corporations and millionaires even more tax breaks!

It’s time for Congress to take action to close corporate loopholes and enact the Fairness in Taxation Act which would enact new tax brackets on the wealthy and raise $74 billion per year.

Wealth inequality is at its highest in decades and critical programs that help working families are being cut.  Now more than ever, we need corporations and the rich to pay their fair share.

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