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March 6
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In January, resolutions (SR 7 and HR 8) were introduced in the WV Legislature opposing the Supreme Court ruling that corporations are people and should be allowed to spend unlimited funds on elections. This ruling, Citizens United vs. FEC, has spawned the Super Pacs now dumping millions into the Republican primaries across the country. Please sign this petition before Saturday, March 10 (the last day of the session) urging lawmakers to pass SR 7 and HR 8 opposing this ruling and calling for an amendment to the U.S. Constitution to undo it forever.

Please sign this petition NOW! Click here to sign the petition.

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Senator Manchin's vote for the Blunt Amendment betrayed the women of West Virginia. This amendment targets women's access to basic health care by allowing employers to refuse “any health service, intervention method, or prescription” to which they say they “morally object.”

This is a political maneuver designed to restrict women's health care by putting employers in charge of their coverage. Given the number of West Virginia women who are struggling to support themselves and their children in a state with a poverty rate among the highest in the nation, Senator Manchin's vote is not just egregious but unconscionable.

Please sign this petition urging Senator Manchin to examine his conscience and support West Virginia women.  Click here to sign the petition.

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