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April 5
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The ultra-rich shouldn’t pay a lower tax rate than middle- and working class families.

Under the current laws, loopholes allow some of the wealthiest Americans to pay lower effective tax rates than middle class families. That’s why Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) has introduced his version of the Buffett Rule to make sure millionaires and billionaires pay their fair share. Our Senator Rockefeller is one of the co-sponsors!

Will you join us and support the Buffett Rule? click here

As President Obama says, the Buffett Rule is not class warfare, it’s “common sense” to believe that billionaire Warren Buffett should not pay a lower tax rate than his secretary.

There will be a vote on Sen. Whitehouse’s bill on Tax Day, April 17, and we’re building support across the country to make the Buffett Rule a reality.

If we're going to make the Buffett Rule the law of the land, we need to convince Senator Manchin to support tax fairness. And we need YOU to help make that happen.

Sign our petition, and we’ll deliver it to Senator Manchin next week. click here

Right now, about a dozen Senators are already signed on as sponsors. Many more agree, but haven't signed on so we need to speak out and get them on to co-sponsor this bill to make the wealthiest of the 1% pay their fair share.


Gary Zuckett

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