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October 24
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Let’s Get Out the Vote for Health Care!

Early Voting Has Begun!Purple Bus Lady to visit WV Promoting Vote Healthcare!


Calling all health care voters!  Come join us in Charleston for a Get Out the Vote for Health Care Rally!

 Kathie McClure, aka the Purple Bus Lady, is bringing her Purple Bus Truth Tour to Charleston, and her message will be, “Get Out the Vote for Health Care!”  Kathie will also share her own family’s story of how the Affordable Care Act has benefited her two children with pre-existing conditions and stories from citizens across the country who have been aided by our health care law. She will also give voters the straight scoop about the ACA’s preventive benefits for women, young adults and seniors.

 Co-sponsors are WV for Affordable Health Care, WV Citizen Action, WV Free and WV Sierra Club.  

 CHARLESTON: The event will take place at 1 pm on FRIDAY, OCTOBER 26th at the Public Health Department at 108 Lee Street East, Charleston. Additional speakers: Dr Raul Gupta, Director, Kanawha Co. Health Dept.; Gary Zuckett, WV Citizen Action; Perry Bryant, WV for Affordable Health Care.

 Contact: Kathie McClure: purplebuslady@votehealthcare.org  (404) 660-7475
or Gary Zuckett, WV Citizen Action 304-346-5891

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