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April 16

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Act now: Call on Governor Tomblin to Veto the Home Rule Pilot Program Bill

As you know, another bill aimed at creating economic development and autonomy for the people of West Virginia got hijacked by right wing conservatives and their multibillion dollar lobbyists and turned into terrible legislation! The much debated “Home Rule” bill is scheduled to go to the governor’s desk, and if signed into a law would permit cities some additional liberty to make economic and political decisions on the condition that all existing gun restrictions are repealed and no new ones enacted.

In his speech against the legislation, Charleston’s Mayor Danny Jones lamented that the city of Charleston has no choice and “we’re going to have to take what’s coming to us because that’s the way the legislature operates.” What’s coming to us in this bill is a precedent that lawmakers in West Virginia are willing to dismantle community progress and expose citizens to an increased possibility of gun violence in order to win elections and pander to the NRA. Take heart, Mayor Jones, we do not have to take this.

As today’s Gazette Editorial argues, Governor Tomblin still has an opportunity to veto this damaging piece of legislation and call for a special session to fix it.

Please act now by signing this petition and calling  to let Governor Tomblin know that we don’t want Home Rule held hostage

You can call him at (304) 558-2000 or 1-888-438-2731.

Please let us know when you call. Below is a sample script.

I am calling to ask that Governor Tomblin veto SB435 which would overturn local gun control ordinances for cities participating in the Home Rule Pilot Program. At a time when most of the country is moving forward on the issue of gun safety, this legislation would take us back. A bill designed to create economic development and more autonomous communities should not strip cities of their gun safety ordinances.

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