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June 6
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Student Loan Rates Set to Double for More that 7 Million Students in July

A Message from Our National Affiliate at USAction:

If Congress doesn't act fast, student loan rates will double on July 1st for more than 7 million students — costing students on average an additional $1,000.1 That's outrageous!

We believe that education is a right, and that college should be affordable and accessible to everyone. That's why we're teaming up with the United States Student Association, the nation's oldest and largest student association, to prevent student loan rates from doubling in July.

Tell Congress to stand up for students and families: Don't double student loan rates in July!

Student loans have been getting more and more outrageous every year. The average college student now graduates with more than $26,000 in debt and total student loan debt has quadrupled since 2003, now totaling $1 trillion.2 Higher education is a necessity in today's economy, but the dream of a four-year degree is increasingly out of reach for many aspiring students today.

Shackling students with crippling debt before they've even entered the workforce is just wrong, especially at a time when students are struggling with high tuition and textbook costs already.

Students won this victory last year and, with your help, we will win again!

Join USAction and USSA in calling on Congress to do the right thing and stop student loan rates from doubling in July. Click here to take action now.

Thanks for standing up for affordable higher education for more than 7 million students in America.

1 - "Obama urges Congress to act on student loan rates," NBC Nightly News, May 31, 2013

2 - "Student loan debt is a beast. Here are Elizabeth Warren's, President Obama's, and the GOP's plans to fix it." Mother Jones, June 3, 2013


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From Our Friends at AFL-CIO -- SAVE THE DATE

The fight for Miners' retirement benefits continues. A Fairness at Patriot/UMWA Rally will be held in Fairmont

Tuesday, July 9

10 AM

We will let you know more information about this event as it becomes available.


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