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November 12,
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Support the Tax Haven Abuse Act

Big multinational corporations like Apple and Microsoft are dodging their taxes by shifting jobs, profits and operations overseas.

U.S. Sen. Carl Levin (D-MI) has a plan to close these corporate tax loopholes and raise $220 billion in revenue over 10 years – money that we can invest in jobs, schools and ending cuts to vital services like Food Stamps and Head Start.1

Our national affiliate, USAction/True Majority is calling on all of us to sign on in support:

Will you help us hit our goal of 40,000 citizen cosponsors for the Stop Tax Haven Abuse Act?

Together we can stop the cuts that are devastating working families and communities across the country by making huge corporations pay their fair share of taxes and ending special tax loopholes that subsidize shipping American jobs overseas. 

With the country reeling from sequestration cuts, we need to raise revenue to invest in prosperity for all. Click here to add your name as a citizen cosponsor. 

American small businesses that pay their fair share are the ones subsidizing large corporations that dodge taxes and ship jobs overseas. If we care about seeing "Made in the USA" again, we need to level the playing field by fixing the rigged system that only benefits huge global corporations with their armies of accountants and lawyers.

In order to invest in an economy that works for all, we have to make big corporations play by the same rules as the rest of us. 
Add your name to the Stop Tax Haven Abuse Act so we can invest in well-paying American jobs right here at home.


Brooke Drake


1 - "Sen. Levin's New Bill: Bad For Corporate Tax Dodgers, Good For People,"Americans For Tax Fairness, November 5, 2013

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Landfill Tonnage Caps for Shale Drilling Waste

Comment period ends this Wednesday, November 13, 2013.

From our allies at the WV Environmental Council:

The WV Public Service Commission, which regulates this state’s solid waste landfills, is currently considering a request in Wetzel County that would allow unlimited amounts of shale gas drilling waste (drill cuttings and drilling mud) to be dumped in local landfills.

The Lackawanna Transport Company which operates the Wetzel County Landfill has filed an application with the PSC for a certificate of need to construct and operate a dedicated disposal cell for the disposal of solid drilling wastes.

Under memos recently issued by DEP to landfill operators (but not provided to county Solid Waste Authorities) there is ABSOLUTELY NO LIMIT on the total tonnage of drilling waste going into our landfills. And there is no requirement to monitor these wastes for radioactivity known to be associated with it.

The landfill tonnage caps contained in WV’s landmark Solid Waste Management Act were designed to insure that our landfills could operate well into the future. For more than a year now the PSC and the DEP have allowed the Wetzel landfill (and others) to exceed their legal tonnage limits to accept this drilling waste.

This is your chance to tell the Public Service Commission that this is not acceptable and that you want our landfills to be available for everyone’s grandchildren to use decades from now.

It is urgent that you do this now, because the comment period ends this Wednesday, November 13, 2013.

To file a “protest/opposition” comment on this case, go to this website:


Once there, fill in all the name, address, phone information, etc. Under comment type -- choose  “PROTEST”. The comment box will then display “Comment in Protest of Case 13-0832-SWF-CN”.

Here is a list of concerns you can use for your comments:

  Make sure to ask for a public hearing on this case in New Martinsville.

  The huge increase in tonnage at the landfill is using up space and shortening its useful life.

  The existing landfill tonnage caps must be restored.

  There has been a large increase in traffic near the landfill.

  The roads near the landfill are being damaged by the increase in heavy truck traffic.

  Some Marcellus shale drilling wastes are known to be radioactive.

  The existing leachate treating system may not be able to handle the toxic mix of drill waste products.

  The liquid discharges from these landfills may pollute streams or groundwater nearby.

Thanks for your attention.

Don Garvin
WVEC Legislative Coordinator

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