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January 20
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Honoring the Waters- Candle Light Vigil: Tuesday, January 21 at 6pm

Let's stand together in this time of crisis to show how much our water means to us in West Virginia, across our great nation, and around the world! 

People will stand in solidarity starting in front of the Capitol on the river side, to honor the waters and then move to the capitol for a candle light vigil. 

This event is hosted by Paula Swearengin, Bill Price, Vivian Stockman, Robin Blakeman, Robin Mahonen, Parson Brown, and Kat Wallace. Visit this event page for more details.

Here is the agenda for the event:

5:45 pm People with gather at the river (at the riverside of the capital on Kanawha Blvd.) and prepare for Honoring the Waters. 

6:00 pm. Interfaith prayer lead by Rose Edington and Mel Hoover 

6:03 pm Matt Sherman, a native american Blackfoot of the Kanawha Valley and Native American Elder Danny Two Eagles will be leading us in a ceremony called Honoring the Waters. A sacred Native American ceremony to honor our sacred life force (water) and to seek water spirits to strengthen us , so we may protect and defend our sacred life force. To renew our commitment to clean air, water and land. 

6:30 pm Interfaith prayer lead by Jeff Allen and lighting of the candles. 

6:38 pm Speaker- Community Faith Leader 

6:40 pm Music (song #1) Mike Pushkin 

6:43 pm Speaker- Donna Branham - long time time human rights activist & concerned WV resident

6:46 pm Music (song #2) Mike Pushkin 

6:49 pm Speaker- Robin Mahonan of Wheeling Water Warriors 

6:52 pm Music (song #3) T Paige Dalporto

6:55 pm Speaker- Karen Ireland of West Virginia CAPE 

6:58 pm Music (song #4) T Paige Dalporto

7:01 pm Speaker- Maya Nye of People Concerned for Chemical Safety. 

7:04 pm Music (song #5) Kate Long 

7:07 pm Speaker- Community Faith Leader

7:10 pm. (closing inspirational song- song # 6) Kate Long 

Please dress with thick coats and jackets. It's supposed to be cold that evening! Also, bring candles if you can. And remember! This is only the beginning! It's past time we put our differences aside and DEMAND clean water and a clean environment for our children! Let's UNITE and force our leadership to put public health and safety first!


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