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Feb 18
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 Make a Call for Energy Efficiency TODAY!

House Delegate Energy Committee Chair Kevin Craig to consider PACE - We need your help now.

When it comes to energy efficiency for West Virginia, we can't let up. This afternoon is our last chance for PACE this year. Energy Committee Chairman Kevin Craig is currently at the Capitol considering whether or not he will take up H.B. 4468, and he needs to hear from all of us that we want PACE.  Why wait another year for energy efficiency innovation? 

Will you call House Energy Committee Chairman Kevin Craig to add PACE to his Energy Committee Agenda tomorrow?

Capitol Phone:  (304) 340-3116
Kevin Craig's Email: 

We have an opportunity right now to join 31 states in PACE enabling, job creating, energy efficiency innovating, commercial building improving legislation. When commercial building owners are asked why they don't upgrade their buildings, install more efficient HVAC systems or improve insulation they answer:  it's the lack of upfront capital to make the needed improvements - even if they know they will save money in the long run. The effectiveness of PACE is that it enables and authorizes local governments to work with private lenders and private investors to provide the upfront financing for energy efficiency projects.  

Commercial property owners save money and make their buildings more valuable; energy service companies and contractors find PACE can help them make sales.  Perhaps most importantly is that PACE creates jobs and stimulates economic activity.      

We're talking a win for economic development; a win for our building infrastructure, and a win for West Virginia's workers involved in the building trades.  

Please call or e-mail Delegate Craig and urge him to support PACE legislation and urge the House Energy Committee to take up H.B. 4468 and authorize local units of government to adopt PACE now.

Capitol Phone:  (304) 340-3116
Kevin Craig's Email: 

Thank you,

Energy Efficient West Virginia Team

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