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March 12
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 Post Session Partum

Yes, Virginia, there is life after Session. We are still picking up the pieces and finding unopened e-mail that needs addressed as we decompress from the late nights of the past weeks.

The 2014 legislature closed down at midnight Sat. March 8th. They passed two hundred laws and we’re still sorting them out. Watch for a more complete legislative wrap-up on Friday. Meanwhile there is still some needed action by all citizens on several fronts. See articles below for more on this.

Special Session Rumored

One of the hard fought bills that didn’t pass was HB 4411 allowing the unlimited dumping of Marcellus waste into out municipal landfills. This one died in conference committee. This bill was not in good enough shape for us to support its passage so its demise was good news. However, we are hearing rumors of a possible one-day special session to pass this and other bills the governor may still want to see pass. Calls to exempt Class B landfills would make it more palatable. Stay tuned…

Thanks for the Dough

A REALLY BIG THANKS to all of you who took the time to renew your memberships or send in an additional donation for our major donor to match. For those who are procrastinating on this, it’s not too late to have your contributions matched dollar for dollar! And for new contributors, a two-for-one match will triple your money! Click on the donate button below or send your check to WV-CAG 1500 Dixie St, Chas, WV 25311. You may have also gotten a letter in the mail recently so go fish it out!

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 Victory Party at CAG 

West Virginia Citizen Action Group is hosting a VICTORY PARTY to celebrate the passage of SB 373 this Friday at 5:30pm! While the bill is not perfect, we succeeded in making it stronger and adding some important amendments. This bill would not have happened without PEOPLE LIKE YOU advocating for it to be as strong as it could be. Come celebrate our victory!

We will have some refreshments, but please bring your own beer, wine, & snacks to share. Visit 1500 Dixie St. for some fun.

We also know that the water crisis is not over with the passage of SB 373. For those who are interested, we will also be providing information and resources on additional steps we can take to hold West Virginia American Water accountable and demand that we not be charged for contaminated water. If you have been experiencing billing problems or feel that you have been unfairly billed for unsafe water, come learn more.

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 Tell Tomblin: No Taking from Kids

Dear OCOF Partners and Allies, 

You have already made a difference - passing a Minimum Wage increase, creating a Future Fund, winning Land Re-Use and Pregnant Workers Fairness.  You also took Move to Improve and Meth Labs legislation very nearly over the finish line - farther than many thought possible.

But there is one last, big, fight left.   

This is the last e-mail action alert of the session.  Please forward it widely.

The House passed a bill that included $980,000 to restore budget cuts to Early Childhood.  The Senate restored only a fraction of those cuts.  But worst of all for Early Childhood, the Senate killed a bill in the final moments of Saturday's session that would have freed some racing subsidies to help close the gap - as much as $39.5 million.  

Now it is up to 14 people to come together and solve the crisis: the budget conferees, 7 from each chamber.  They need to hear from you that Early Childhood must still be a priority:

"My name is _______________, and I am calling to ask Sen/Del. ____________ to help restore $980,000 in Early Childhood Cuts to the final budget."


Prezioso (304) 357-7961

Stollings (304) 357-7939

Unger (304) 357-7933

Plymale (304) 357-7937

Facemire (304) 357-7845

M. Hall (304) 357-7901

Sypolt (304) 357-7914


Boggs (304) 340-3230

Perdue (304) 340-3269

Reynolds (304) 340-3280

Williams (304) 340-3160

Anderson(304) 340-3168

Evans (304) 340-3399

Canterbury (304) 340-3131

Delegates Perdue (Health Chair) and Boggs (Finance Chair) are the ones who will be working most closely on our line items in the House.  Senators Stollings (Health Chair) and Prezioso (Finance Hair) will be working most closely on our line items on the Senate side.  

If you can't make calls, please at the very least send a message here: 


Forward this message widely.  Saving this funding for our kids is not only the right thing to do, it is also a moral issue about what we care most about in West Virginia.  Let's do everything we can



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