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May 15
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 Tell Governor Tomblin Our Children Need These Programs to Become Our Future Leaders! 

Dear Our Children, Our Future Partners,

Legislators have reported that phone calls from their constituents make BIG a difference in their decision making process. Make the call today (304)558-2000!

Imagine a young mother who doesn't have anywhere to turn and wants only to make the best possible decisions for her kids.  She learns about an organization within her community, the Family Resource Center, which can help make the connections with people to help.  Throughout West Virginia, we are blessed to have Family Resource Centers, Family Resource Networks, In Home Visitation Programs, Child Advocacy Networks, and Domestic Violence Prevention Programs that are providing help to thousands of West Virginia's families and children offering a hand up.

Now, Governor Earl Ray Tomblin has cut funding by veto from all five of these agencies funds by over $800,000 saying these agencies are providing duplication of services.  All of these agencies have faced cuts in the past and cannot afford further cuts. 

If these cuts go into effect:

  80 jobs will be lost -forcing more West Virginia families into unemployment

  Over 560 victims of Domestic violence will not receive services due to shortages

  Thousands of West Virginias will no longer have the tools to help lift them out of their current situations and eventually poverty

We cannot let this stand!!

Many of you contacted your legislators and helped us get these funds restored in the last legislative session.  Now we need you to call the Governor and ask him to assist West Virginia's Working Families and Children.

Contact Governor Earl Ray Tomblin, today, at (304)558-2000.  Sample bullet points/text are below:

         Tell the Secretary/Administrative Associate that you are calling the Governor:

  to ask that he commit to restore the additional $800,000 budget cuts to In Home Visitation, Family Resource Networks, Family Resource Centers, Child Advocacy Networks, and Domestic Violence Prevention through placing it on the agenda of the upcoming special session

  realize that these programs are providing vital services to West Virginia's families and children and can be the hand up for many of them to rise out of poverty

  these programs are not only providing vital services but are leveraging millions in outside funds to our state

  West Virginia cannot afford to lose jobs, services, and funds that these programs are providing if we are going to move our state forward

       Thank the person for their time and end by saying you will be watching to make sure the Governor takes the right step for West Virginia's children.

Please call today!!  Together we can make our state better for our children!!

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