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July 25
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Cool off this summer by supporting democracy! Have some ice cream with us during First Friday on August 1. We will break out the cones at 5 pm and we still encourage you to bring your favorite beverage!

Specifically during this First Friday, we will be discussing our support of S.J.Res. 19: a constitutional amendment to establish that Congress and the states have the power to regulate and limit election spending.This amendment would overturn Citizens United v. FEC , as well as McCutcheon v. FEC, the decision issued earlier this year eliminating the cap on the total amount an individual can contribute to candidates, political parties and political committees. The amendment also would overturn the 1976 Buckley v. Valeo ruling, which established the doctrine colloquially known as “money equals speech.” 

Join CAG to talk about the upcoming Senate vote, discuss the importance of having a onstitutional amendment to get money out of politics, write letters to the editor and plan visbility events to support the vote all while eating some delicious and cool ice cream.

It’s a great way to escape the heat and support democracy this summer! Bring friends and bring ice cream and /or toppings to share.

Check out this event:http://action.citizen.org/o/476/p/salsa/event/common/public/?event_KEY=78087

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Submit comments on the Public Water Systems Rule by July 31, 10am
The DHHR - Bureau for Public Health (BPH) 
rule implementing the new source water protection plan requirements in SB 373 is now out for public comment. These plans are an important tool for protecting our rivers and drinking water supplies from contamination.
Key points to include in your comments:
1. Public engagement is critical in the source water protection process – in SB 373, the Legislature made it clear that public engagement is to be a critical component of the planning process. The rule needs to be explicit that “every effort” shall be made to inform and engage the public at all levels of the development and implementation of the protection plan.
2. Support utilities that go above and beyond minimum requirements – we support BPH’s encouragement to utilities taking additional steps to protect its water supply.
3. Sufficiently fund the new requirements - It is crucial that BPH be funded sufficiently to oversee this process so that detailed, realistic, site-specific source water protection plans are written that have broad community support and that are likely to be implemented.

Public comment period open through 10:00am July 31, 2014
Submit comments to:

Ann A. Goldberg, Director
Public Health Regulations
350 Capitol Street, Rm 702
Charleston, WV 25301


William Toomey, Manager
OEHS, Source Water Assessment & Protection
350 Capitol Street, Rm 313
Charleston, WV 25301


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