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Sept 19
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Early Voting starts next month - we’re gearing up to help turn out progressive voters and you can help no matter where you live in the Mountain State!

New technology through the Voter Access Network allows us to set up a virtual phone bank for you anywhere you have access to the internet and a phone.

We need both folks here in the Charleston area to come to our office for the traditional phone call parties, but don’t want folks outside our area to feel left out.

How about it? Can you volunteer one or two of evenings a week to help keep the out of state Billionaires from buying WV Elections?

Our Sister c-3, West Virginia Citizen Action Education Fund needs volunteers who are passionate about creating an America that works for everyone! We need your help to get Get Out the Vote this fall!

We will be making calls and talking to folks about what issues are important to them. The more people we have making phone calls, the more people we can get to the polls! Don't forget to invite friends, family, and community members to help make a difference this November too!

We will be calling from our East End location several evenings and on Saturdays. Those who live far away can make calls from home anytime they have spare time.

We’ll be having fun while we work to make WV more progressive! We will have snacks and prizes- and you will leave with the satisfaction of having helped shape a future that works for all of us- not just the wealthy!

To volunteer, please contact Karan or Marium at 304-346-5891 or by email at karan@wvcag.org.

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