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October 24
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                   Location Change!  
    Join Us to Put the Middle Class First!


Next week, the Put the Middle Class First Bus Tour, hosted by Americans United for Change, will make two stops in West Virginia! On Tuesday, October 28, the bus will stop in Huntington and Charleston to show solidarity with America's working families!

The first stop will be at 11 am at Huntington's Harris Riverfront Park. Then, later in the day, the bus will travel to Charleston for a stop at the CWA Local 2001 at 2 pm.

Please come out to hear AFL-CIO President Kenny Perdue and Huntington Mayor Steve Williams address the crowd in Huntington or join us in Charleston where we will hear from Mr. Perdue, House of Delegates Candidate Mike Pushkin, and Secretary of State and Senate Candidate Natalie Tennant! We look forward to seeing you and hearing why you think we should Put the Middle Class First!

Huntington, WV - 11 am
Harris Riverfront Park
Veterans Memorial Blvd

New Location

CWA Local 2001
2512 Kanawha Boulevard, East
Charleston, WV

For more information, visit www.middleclassfirst.com.
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