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November 3
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Don't Forget To Vote- Tomorrow's the Big Day!

Working together we can make a difference. This is a critical election and we want to make sure everyone's voice is heard!

We've been talking to voters for weeks to find out what matters most to them. Here are some of the issues that are important to people in our community:

• Fair wages- we don’t think that anyone working full-time should live in poverty and that working people should earn enough to support their families. 

• Having the government work for all of us, not just the wealthy – we need to change the system so that it’s possible for everyone to vote and to take the big money out of elections.

• Water- clean, safe drinking water is a right for all of us, we need to create a system that values public safety and health.

This year we got the legislature to raise the minimum wage in West Virginia from $7.25 to $8.75. We also got the word out about how people can get affordable health coverage, so that there are almost 140,000 people who are protected for the first time. And we are continuing the push for clean, safe water for all of our families. None of this would've been possible if not for citizens like you standing up for what is important!

Let's continue to do that in the best way possible: with our votes!

For your local polling hours, check out the Secretary of State's website 

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