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Newsletter article Gary Zuckett October 24, 2023
Kanawha State Forest Gas Well Tour
The purpose of this hike was to show the need for more DEP well inspectors, funding for plugging leaky orphaned wells because of the danger they pose to groundwater, climate, and the health of local residents. We’ll also be asking lawmakers to pass the "Orphaned Gas Well Prevention Act” for new and transferred wells, to require drillers to set aside money in the Treasurer's office as the well produces income to cover the eventual plugging costs when the wells stop producing (become "abandoned"). More
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Newsletter article Julie Archer July 21, 2022
Plugging Orphaned Wells: A Win for Our Economy, Environment and Public Health
Not only is this an economic liability, but these orphaned wells also pose a major threat to landowners’ property rights, to the environment and to the communities in which they are located. More
Issues: Orphaned WellsPollution