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Newsletter article   March 18, 2024
ALERT – Landmen Buying Pore Space Rights!
A summary of WV SORO's actions on bills during the 2024 West Virginia Legislature's regular session, which ended March 9th. Also land agents are going door to door trying to get surface owners to sign away rights to the pore space in the rock formations under their land, and we need to educate surface owners about that. More
Issues: Oil and GasSurface Owner Rights
Newsletter article CAG March 3, 2024
SORO Carbon Credit Alert
Some WV lawmakers are trying to pass legislation severely restricting West Virginians’ ability to manage their timber. SB 618 would regulate terms, require new bureaucratic filings, impose new taxes, and ultimately discourage participation in carbon offset agreements. More
Issues: Climate ChangeSurface Owner Rights
Newsletter article Gary Zuckett February 21, 2022
Mushroom Session
This session reminds me of an old saying “I feel like a mushroom because they keep me in the dark and feed me BS.” This is appropriate in so many ways as committees are sprouting (originating) lots of bills and short circuiting the normal process for introducing bills. More
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