Action Alert

January 30, 2003


Safety advocates urge passage of bill by full Senate
The Issue

The Committee Substitute for House Bill 2121 - called the "All-Terrain Vehicle Safety Act" - passed the House on January 16. The bill was sent to the Senate, where amended versions passed out of the Transportation and Judiciary Committees. The bill that will now be considered by the full Senate:

-- Requires helmets on all users under age 18 on both private and public land.

-- Limits the roads that can be used to those without a centerline.

-- Gives the managers of parks, forests, rail trails, wildlife management areas, etc. the authority to limit their use.

-- Gives cities and counties the option of further regulating (or even banning) ATVs in their jurisdictions.

-- Prohibits those under the age of 17 from having passengers. For others that can have passengers, they must have their feet secured on the foot board or runner. (This prohibits small kids that cannot reach the floor board, or kids sitting on laps.)

-- Requires all operators under 18 have to go through safety training and receive a certificate.

Our Position

The National Association of Social Workers and many children's advocates would like to see more stringent safety measures, but feel that this is the strongest bill that can pass. We urge passage of the Committee Substitute for HB 2121.

Action Needed

Contact ALL members of the Senate, and urge them to vote YES on the Committee Substitute for House Bill 2121.

You can e-mail or print letters to legislators, as well as get updates on legislative issues, through the online Legislative Action Center on Children and Families at