Press Release Julie Archer June 29, 2022
PRESS RELEASE: WV Freedom to Vote Coalition Launches Survey to Identify Obstacles Voters Faced in the 2022 Primary Election
The WV Freedom to Vote Coalition has launched a Voter Issue and Action Survey as part of a campaign that aims to expand voter access to the polls by directly listening to West Virginians More
Issues: Clean electionsVotingVoting Rights
Press Release Eve Marcum-Atkinson June 28, 2022
PRESS RELEASE: MMA Congressional letter to Secretary Becerra
The Make Meds Affordable Congressional letter to Secretary Becerra (see below) went out last week. Approx. 100 Members of Congress signed on. More
Issues: Health CarePrescription Drug Prices
Press Release Gary Zuckett June 24, 2022
PRESS RELEASE: Supreme Court’s Abortion Ruling Betrays Constitutional Rights – Vigils Scheduled Across the State
The decision to overturn the constitutional right to an abortion is the latest effort by the U.S. Supreme Court’s conservative majority to erase fundamental Americans rights. The language of this decision may not mirror the leaked draft opinion but the result is just as devastating, with abortion care being pushed even further out of reach for millions of people. More
Issues: AbortionBodily AutonomyFair CourtsHealth CareHuman RightsInequality
Newsletter   June 24, 2022
Capital Eye Vol. 15 No. 12: Summer of Action
There is sooo much going in this summer and WVCAG is in the thick of it, so here's the 12th edition of our Capital Eye newsletter to break it all down. More
Issues: Newsletter
Action Alert   June 24, 2022
A Survey to Safeguard Democracy
As we gather, as a nation, to reflect upon the prevalent circulation of the “Big Lie,” the alarming spread of right-wing extremism, and the resulting January 6th coup attempt, it is more important than ever that we take the necessary steps to safeguard our democracy. More
Issues: Clean electionsDemocracyVotingVoting Rights
Action Alert Eve Marcum-Atkinson June 21, 2022
Wheeling Area: Learn How to Lower Your Electric Bill
AEP is asking the PSC for ANOTHER rate increase, this time for 12% -- $18/month! Ohio County Public Library at 6:30PM. More
Citizen Action Group Blog   June 21, 2022
We’re Hiring!
WE’RE HIRING!!! Want to help shape the future of WV? WV New Jobs Coalition has FOUR opportunities available! More
Action Alert Eve Marcum-Atkinson June 14, 2022
Jammin’ for Jobs and Justice – JUNE 20th 2-5PM
This West Virginia Day, come hear Fletcher's Grove and other artists play at East Marion Park in Fairmont! More