Press Release Gary Zuckett May 24, 2023
U.S. House Republicans Voted to Strip $8.3 billion of Federal Funding from West Virginia To Give Corporations and the Ultra-Wealthy Another Tax Cut More
Issues: Fair taxationInfrastructureJobsKids and familiesMedicaid
Citizen Action Group Blog   May 22, 2023
Are We Talking, ‒ Or Are We Listening?
If you are pained and exhausted by the culture war, here is your chance to help. Every month, the United Vision Project hosts trainings for people like you! People who want to get involved in bringing us closer together instead of further and further apart. Please click here to learn more. And sign up today to sign up to get started as a partner of this important work. More
Action Alert   May 19, 2023
Medicaid Work Requirements Would Be Disastrous for WV
As many as 220,000 West Virginians could lose their vital health coverage. Tell our Senators to stand up for West Virginia families, and vote to pass a debt ceiling extension without cuts or redtape barriers to Medicaid, food stamps and other programs. More
Issues: Budget prioritiesHealthcareInequalityKids and familiesMedicaidSNAP
Action Alert   May 8, 2023
We Want to Hear from YOU! WV Vision Survey
Envision the type of West Virginia you want to raise your children, or grow old in. Complete our survey to join other West Virginians to create the vision they want to inhabit. This data is being collected in hopes of shaping policies and platforms to address concerns and improve the lives of all West Virginians. Lend us your voice & share your vision for WV! More
Issues: JobsOur children our future
Advocacy Letter   May 2, 2023
Letter Calling on Biden Administration to End Price Gouging & Provide Relief to Cancer Patients
WV CAG joined other consumer protection and health care advocacy organizations in signing a letter of support calling on the Biden Administration to remedy the outrageous price discrimination against US residents by Astellas and provide relief from the high prices for the prostate cancer drug enzalutamide (brand name Xtandi). Astellas and Pfizer have failed to make the drug “available to the public on reasonable terms,” subjecting cancer patients and everyone else who pays for drug reimbursements, to highly objectionable discriminatory price gouging. More
Issues: DiscriminationHealth CarePrescription Drug Prices
Citizen Action Group Blog Gary Zuckett May 1, 2023
Tax Cuts: Truth & Consequences
The more than $750 million tax giveaway (mostly to the rich) passed by the Legislature, is trickle-up economics at its worst. Check out one of the WV Center on Budget and Policy’s upcoming community meetings called “More Money for Who?” on “how state tax changes undermine schools, libraries and healthcare,” to participate in an interactive discussion on how the recent tax changes can affect vital public services. More
Issues: Budget prioritiesFair taxation
Action Alert CAG April 25, 2023
Bring Renewable Energy Jobs to the West Side Community Meeting
Join us Friday, April 28th at 5 PM for a discussion on how Charleston's West Side can benefit from new investments in renewable energy, and what we can do to create more opportunities to put people back to work and help people get into higher paying jobs.  More
Issues: Clean EnergyClimate JusticeJobs
Action Alert Cassandra Wiley April 25, 2023
Inflation Reduction Act Roadshow – MORGANTOWN THURSDAY, MAY 4, 2023 AT 6 PM – 8 PM
Come to learn about how individuals, municipalities, and organizations in West Virginia can benefit from millions of dollars of investments contained in the Inflation Reduction Act. Last summer, Congress passed the Inflation Reduction Act which includes historic investments in clean energy, energy efficiency, and community development initiatives. At these events, community members and elected officials will have the opportunity to learn from experts from around the state about how to put these investments to use in homes and communities. More
Issues: Climate ChangeClimate JusticeEconomyJobs

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