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Newsletter article   March 18, 2024
HCFA 2024 Legislative Wrap Up
There are two bills that many are calling on the Governor to veto. One is SB 841, which cuts unemployment benefits. The other, HB 5105, creates exemptions for childhood immunizations in private, parochial, and virtual public schools. The best news at the end of the session might be the bills that didn't pass. Unfortunately, the “flat” budget passed on the last night of the session, failed to fill the $114 million dollar gap in Medicaid funding. More
Issues: Budget prioritiesDiscriminationEducationHealthcareInequalityMedicaid
Action Alert CAG March 11, 2024
UnitedHealth (Doesn’t) Care: Demand United Put Care Over Cost!
Is UnitedHealthcare your health insurer? Have you had problems with said health"care" insurance provider?? More
Issues: Health InsuranceHealthcare
Newsletter article CAG March 3, 2024
Support HB 5647, Support Medicaid, Support Healthy WV
Legislators must put the health of WV first and vote YES on House Bill 5647, the bill that will fully fund Medicaid in the future. More
Issues: HealthcareMedicaid
Action Alert CAG February 26, 2024
Support Transgender Youth – Oppose HB 5297
Tell your delegates to oppose HB 5297 and protect gender-affirming care for our vulnerable young people. More
Issues: Healthcare
Newsletter article   February 15, 2024
Health Care for All – Week 6
Chances are many people you know and love get their medical coverage through Medicaid. Over 500,000 West Virginians do! Tell lawmakers to fund Medicaid fully, and not sacrifice the health of our children and families to balance the budget. More
Issues: HealthcareMedicaid
Newsletter   February 8, 2024
Capital Eye Vol. 17 No. 4
We’re now in the 5th week of session and have reached the halfway mark (Day 30). The pace is accelerating. Committees’ agendas and floor sessions are growing longer. Wednesday, February 7th was Black Policy Day and we were there with many other groups tabling and showing support for the policies being supported by our communities of color as part of the Black Policy Agenda. With so much happening so fast, your calls and notes to legislators are needed every week, so please keep them coming and Tell Them What You Want! More
Issues: EducationEnvironmentHealthcareInequality
Newsletter article   February 8, 2024
West Virginia Leaders Must Fully Fund Medicaid
As of December 2023, there are 516,100 West Virginians on Medicaid. This includes almost 50% of our children. But with the program facing a shortfall that is the result of lack of foresight about saving state Medicaid dollars during the Public Health Emergency, some state leaders are looking at more ways to save the state money, including cutting certain services. More
Issues: HealthcareMedicaid
Newsletter article   January 31, 2024
Anti-Vax Bills are a Threat to Our Kids and Communities
West Virginia doesn’t have a great track record on health or health outcomes. But one thing we have been doing right is the success of our childhood immunization program. We are leaders in the nation in protecting our children and public health. Unfortunately, every year some members of our legislature try to roll back the laws on childhood immunizations. This year is no different. Around a dozen bills take aim at creating exemptions or eliminating protections for infants and children. More
Issues: HealthcareInequalityKids and familiesMedicaid
Newsletter article   January 31, 2024
Misc. Updates with Links for More In-Depth Reading
Some good news! The progress of a number of bad bills we alerted you about last week has slowed. Other bills, both good and bad, have advanced, but are pending in other committees for further consideration. Lots of links here for more on what happened last week, a look at where things are heading this week, and other great resources for legislative updates and actions. More
Issues: DiscriminationEducationElectionsHealthcare
Newsletter article   January 24, 2024
January 23rd was Maternal Health Awareness Day
Access to maternal healthcare is a crisis around the country, especially rural states. More than 2.2 million US women live in maternity care deserts, which means that in their county there are no hospitals that provide obstetric care, birth centers, ob/gyns or certified nurse midwives. Women in the Mountain State deserve to have the best care before and after their babies are born. It is up to our leaders to make sure these services are available.  More
Issues: HealthcareInequalityKids and familiesMedicaid
Newsletter article Gary Zuckett January 24, 2024
‘Bad Idea Factory’ in Full Swing
Some of the most harmful proposals deal with criminal law. Not only are they doubling down on the failed war on drugs, but two different death penalty bills have been introduced in the Senate. Not satisfied that they did enough harm to trans youth during the last legislative session, there is yet another bill (SB 194) aimed at further restricting access to care to life-saving care for these vulnerable young people. There's also a transphobic ‘bathroom bill’ (HB 4806) seeks to prohibit trans youth from using school restrooms associated with their gender identity. More
Issues: DiscriminationEducationHealthcareKids and families
Citizen Action Group Blog Julie Archer January 21, 2024
Anti-Democracy Bills, Threats to Civil Liberties Advancing in the House
There were so many bad bills on the House Judiciary agenda Monday, Jan. 22 they couldn't get to them all! Updates here on what passed and what's likely under consideration when they meet again on Wednesday, Jan. 24. More
Issues: DemocracyDiscriminationHealthcareImmigrationWorkers
Newsletter article CAG January 18, 2024
Health Care for All-WV Priority #1: Protect Medicaid
The 2024 West Virginia Legislative Session is in full swing! For Health Care for All-WV our highest priority is protecting Medicaid. We 're also following other bills that will improve access to care for our most vulnerable. These include an increase to the Medicaid dental benefit for adults from $1000 to $2000. Stay tuned and we will keep you informed about the healthcare legislation that will affect you and your family. More
Issues: HealthcareMedicaid
Action Alert CAG January 9, 2024
Megan’s doctors can stop her pain–but a greedy corporation is in the way
Imagine you were experiencing excruciating pain. After years your doctors found a solution–but your insurance company, Highmark BCBS, refuses to pay. Unfortunately, that’s the case for Megan from Happy Valley, Pennsylvania. Sign our petition to tell Highmark BCBS to cover the care of people like Megan. More
Issues: Healthcare
Citizen Action Group Blog CAG November 28, 2023
#GivingTuesday: Grateful, Good, and Giving
This holiday season, we’re grateful for YOU. Thanks for all you do to support WV Citizen Action’s mission. Your generosity keeps us in the fight for a stronger democracy, a sustainable future, and quality, affordable healthcare for all. This #GivingTuesday is the perfect time to contribute to help us sustain and grow our movement. We can't do it without YOU! More
Issues: DemocracyEnvironmentHealthcare
Newsletter article   October 25, 2023
WV Citizen Action’s 2023 Awards Picnic: Meet Our Awardees
On Saturday, September 16th we gathered at Coonskin Park to celebrate our awardees, reflect on the work we’ve done and what’s to come, and spend time with old and new friends. We wanted to take another opportunity to lift up our amazing awardees and their work, especially for those who were unable to join us. Special thanks to our attendees and sponsors for making this day and our work possible. More
Issues: AwardsDemocracyEducationEnvironmentHealthcareInequalityPollution
Action Alert Eve Marcum-Atkinson October 25, 2023
An URGENT Call for Aetna Claim Denial Stories
We have an URGENT need for health care stories about the Medicaid insurer Aetna Better Health of WV and what happens to people when their Doctor prescribed care has been denied. Help us fight denials on their behalf by bringing to light their struggles, making it public, and presenting these cases to Aetna. PLEASE SHARE YOUR STORY. More
Issues: Health InsuranceHealthcareMedicaid
Newsletter article Gary Zuckett October 24, 2023
The Three Facets of WV Citizen Action
When I get the question, “What does WV Citizen Action do?”, it presents a challenge as we’re not a one-issue group, or a two-issue group, but a multi-faceted one, so I tell them this: We focus on three main issue or policy areas democracy, the environment, and health care for all, doing the work needed to make positive change in our state and nation. More
Issues: Clean electionsClean EnergyDemocracyEnvironmentHealthcare
Newsletter article Eve Marcum-Atkinson October 24, 2023
Health Care for All WV – Oct. 2023 Update
WV Medicaid Summit this Wednesday, digital activism training, a webinar on Care Over Cost, volunteer meetings and much more! Our team has been out connecting with the community, gaining new contacts, and storytellers. We're eager for more volunteers to join us in this work. More
Issues: HealthcareMedicaidResilient Activism
Advocacy Letter Cassandra Wiley October 16, 2023
Letter to HHS and Commerce Urging Interagency Review of March-In-Rights To Lower Drug Prices
Organizations representing patients, consumers, health care providers implore the Department of Health and Human Services and the Department of Commerce to advance without delay the interagency review of march-in authority announced by their departments earlier this year. More
Issues: Healthcare
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