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Action Alert CAG July 11, 2024
Fundamentals of Organizing: Practical Tools to Impact Your Community
You’re invited to a FREE Fundamentals of Organizing training. Take advantage of this chance to learn, network, and strengthen your work. Connect with fellow organizers and gain practical tools to impact your community, regardless of your focus area. More
Issues: DemocracyEnvironmentHealthcare
Action Alert CAG July 3, 2024
Care Over Cost: Fight Insurance Denials
Have you or someone you know ever been denied medication or a procedure from your health insurance when you needed it most? Are you frustrated with insurance companies prioritizing profits over people? Your story could spark real change. More
Issues: Healthcare
Citizen Action Group BlogNewsletter article Julie Archer June 28, 2024
1974-2024: Celebrating 50 Years of Citizen Action
It's hard to believe it’s been 50 years since David Grubb returned to West Virginia after working for consumer advocate Ralph Nader with the idea of forming a statewide organization designed to represent the interests of average citizens. More
Issues: Budget PrioritiesDemocracyEconomyEnvironmentFair taxationFamiliesHealthcareWorkers
Citizen Action Group BlogNewsletter article CAG June 28, 2024
CAG Expands the Team
Meet our new team members: Mindy Salango, Tyler Cannon, Jillian Welsh, and Cassandra Wiley! More
Issues: Civil RightsEnergyEnvironmentFamiliesHealthcareWorkers
Citizen Action Group BlogNewsletter article   June 28, 2024
Barbara Fleischauer honored with Rockefeller Award
Members of WVCAG were recently on hand to celebrate as former Delegate Barbara Fleischauer was honored at the Charleston Women’s Club with the West Virginians for Affordable Healthcare Rockefeller award.  This distinguished award was given to Barbara in recognition of her lifetime of tireless work improving access to healthcare for West Virginians.   More
Issues: EconomyFamiliesHealthcare
Citizen Action Group BlogNewsletter article   June 28, 2024
Introducing the Care Over Cost Campaign
Is your insurance company denying the medication or care that you need?  Join us in the Care Over Cost campaign! More
Issues: Civil RightsEconomyFamiliesHealthcare
Citizen Action Group BlogNewsletter article   June 28, 2024
Medicaid’s Wild Ride
The health and well-being of the most vulnerable populations in our state should not be held as a political bargaining chip. As always, we stand ready to fight for everyone to have access to healthcare and the services they deserve. Our fight to protect Medicaid continues.   More
Issues: Civil RightsEconomyFamiliesHealthcare
Citizen Action Group BlogNewsletter article Gary Zuckett June 28, 2024
2024 Legislative Session: It Just Keeps on Happening
The legislature gaveled out in March after passing 279 bills. The governor vetoed seven of them, including a controversial one loosening school vaccination requirements and a popular bipartisan effort to allow our electric utilities to build more solar power in our state. However, it's never really over. As we were going to press, the governor called the legislature into special session. More details here. More
Issues: Budget PrioritiesDemocracyEconomyEnergyEnvironmentFair taxationFamiliesHealthcare
Citizen Action Group BlogNewsletter article Gary Zuckett June 28, 2024
The 2024 WV Primary: Musical Chairs Anyone?
As the dust settles from this major primary election, it's evident that we all have our work cut out for us between now and November. We all need to do everything we can to help our friends and neighbors understand our critical juncture as a state and a nation. We must get like-minded folks registered and out to the polls to help restore balance and move toward a state government that better represents us all. More
Issues: Budget PrioritiesCivil RightsDemocracyHealthcare
Newsletter CAG June 28, 2024
Capital Eye: Vol. 17 No. 9
We’re celebrating the Mountain State by rallying West Virginians to join us in strengthening, invigorating, and empowering our communities. Dive into our latest newsletter to discover more about our initiatives and ways to volunteer or get involved. More
Issues: Budget PrioritiesEnvironmentHealthcare
Action Alert CAG June 14, 2024
Healthcare Town Hall – Huntington
Join WV Citizen Action Group for our first healthcare town hall in Huntington! More
Issues: FamiliesHealthcare
Action Alert CAG May 14, 2024
Tell the Governor to Restore Funding to Medicaid
During the May special session, lawmakers MUST restore Medicaid items to proposed funding levels to protect our families and neighbors! More
Issues: Healthcare
Newsletter article CAG March 18, 2024
HCFA 2024 Legislative Wrap Up
There are two bills that many are calling on the Governor to veto. One is SB 841, which cuts unemployment benefits. The other, HB 5105, creates exemptions for childhood immunizations in private, parochial, and virtual public schools. The best news at the end of the session might be the bills that didn't pass. Unfortunately, the “flat” budget passed on the last night of the session, failed to fill the $114 million dollar gap in Medicaid funding. More
Issues: Budget PrioritiesCivil RightsFamiliesHealthcare
Action Alert CAG March 11, 2024
UnitedHealth (Doesn’t) Care: Demand United Put Care Over Cost!
Is UnitedHealthcare your health insurer? Have you had problems with said health"care" insurance provider?? More
Issues: Health InsuranceHealthcare
Newsletter article CAG March 3, 2024
Support HB 5647, Support Medicaid, Support Healthy WV
Legislators must put the health of WV first and vote YES on House Bill 5647, the bill that will fully fund Medicaid in the future. More
Issues: HealthcareMedicaid
Newsletter article CAG March 3, 2024
Healthcare for All – Week 8
Besides the vital insurance coverage it provides to the people of the state, Medicaid is vital to West Virginia’s hospitals and providers. Our health care infrastructure is more heavily dependent on Medicaid than most other states. More
Issues: FamiliesHealthcare
Action Alert CAG February 26, 2024
Support Transgender Youth – Oppose HB 5297
Tell your delegates to oppose HB 5297 and protect gender-affirming care for our vulnerable young people. More
Issues: Healthcare
Newsletter article   February 15, 2024
Health Care for All – Week 6
Chances are many people you know and love get their medical coverage through Medicaid. Over 500,000 West Virginians do! Tell lawmakers to fund Medicaid fully, and not sacrifice the health of our children and families to balance the budget. More
Issues: HealthcareMedicaid
Newsletter CAG February 8, 2024
Capital Eye Vol. 17 No. 4
We’re now in the 5th week of session and have reached the halfway mark (Day 30). The pace is accelerating. Committees’ agendas and floor sessions are growing longer. Wednesday, February 7th was Black Policy Day and we were there with many other groups tabling and showing support for the policies being supported by our communities of color as part of the Black Policy Agenda. With so much happening so fast, your calls and notes to legislators are needed every week, so please keep them coming and Tell Them What You Want! More
Issues: Civil RightsEnvironmentFamiliesHealthcare
Newsletter article   February 8, 2024
West Virginia Leaders Must Fully Fund Medicaid
As of December 2023, there are 516,100 West Virginians on Medicaid. This includes almost 50% of our children. But with the program facing a shortfall that is the result of lack of foresight about saving state Medicaid dollars during the Public Health Emergency, some state leaders are looking at more ways to save the state money, including cutting certain services. More
Issues: HealthcareMedicaid
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