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Action Alert CAG March 21, 2024
Hydrogen Energy Listening Session
There are two types of Hydrogen energy production and one of them (Blue Hydrogen) is on it’s way to trying to weasel into the towns of weary Appalachians. More
Action Alert Dani Parent March 20, 2024
Now Hiring: Climate Coordinator
West Virginia Citizen Action is seeking a Climate Project Manager to support members of the West Virginia Climate Alliance to maximize long-term impact and sustainability of climate organizing throughout West Virginia. The position focuses on collaborative development/execution of strategies and campaigns that build public support for science-driven climate action to conserve watersheds, habitat, and wildlife; […] More
Action Alert CAG March 12, 2024
Tell Governor Justice to Veto HB 5105
Vaccinations Save Lives, and that is why we are very concerned about HB 5105. In a time when states all around us have loosened vaccination requirements, and are seeing measles outbreaks, some legislators in West Virginia seem to want to follow them down that dangerous road. More
Action Alert CAG March 11, 2024
UnitedHealth (Doesn’t) Care: Demand United Put Care Over Cost!
Is UnitedHealthcare your health insurer? Have you had problems with said health"care" insurance provider?? More
Issues: Health InsuranceHealthcare
Action AlertCitizen Action Group Blog CAG March 9, 2024
The United Vision Project Training – March 2024
We're working to develop strategies to help all of us work together and advance policies that result in real improvements in people's lives. More
Action Alert CAG March 4, 2024
Keep Vulnerable Children in School – OPPOSE SB 614
While teachers undoubtedly need more support and tools to address problematic student behavior, the primary response in SB 614 is removing, excluding, and isolating children who are generally between the ages of 5 and 10 years old. More
Issues: EducationInequalityRacial Justice
Action Alert CAG March 1, 2024
Support HB 5647, Support Medicaid, Support Healthy WV
It also supports our health care infrastructure, with providers, clinics and hospitals dependent on the program to stay in operation. More
Action Alert CAG February 26, 2024
Tell Governor Justice to Veto SB 841
Tell Governor Justice to stand with workers, reject proposed cuts to unemployment compensation and veto SB 841.  More
Issues: JobsUnemployment benefitsWorkers
Action Alert CAG February 26, 2024
Support Transgender Youth – Oppose HB 5297
Tell your delegates to oppose HB 5297 and protect gender-affirming care for our vulnerable young people. More
Issues: Healthcare
Action Alert CAG February 26, 2024
Support Charleston USPS Jobs
Postal workers and community members are sounding the alarm about the potential loss of jobs, as well as delayed mail and late deliveries to postal customers if local mail that is processed at the Charleston Processing and Distribution Center is trucked to Pittsburgh for cancellation and sorting. More
Issues: JobsUSPSWorkers
Action Alert CAG February 15, 2024
West Virginians Deserve To Be Paid Fairly For The Energy They Produce
Call your Delegate and tell them to support House Bill 5422 for full retail credit net metering. Customizable script included here! More
Issues: Clean Energy
Action Alert CAG February 15, 2024
Take Action to Protect Citizen Air Monitoring
Citizen air monitoring plays a crucial role in engaging citizens and supplementing data gathered by government agencies. More
Issues: Air QualityPollution
Action Alert CAG February 12, 2024
The United Vision Project Training- February 2024
We're working to develop strategies to help all of us work together and advance policies that result in real improvements in people's lives. More
Action Alert   February 8, 2024
School Discipline Bill “Misses The Mark” by a Mile
SB 614 says: punish first, maybe seek understanding later, and in the meantime call the police and eliminate the child from school. Protect Kids: Tell Senators to Vote NO on SB 614! More
Issues: DiscriminationEducationInequality
Action Alert CAG February 6, 2024
E-Day at the State Capitol – 2024
E-Day is a chance to see the legislature at work, tour the Capitol, meet environmental groups and advocate for our legislative priorities. More
Issues: Environment
Action Alert CAG February 2, 2024
E-Day Advocacy Webinar – Bills & Talking Points
Join WVEC lobbyists, Lucia Valentine and Isabel Stellato, to get up-to-date information on the 2024 WVian legislation session! More
Action Alert Dani Parent January 31, 2024
Protect Grassroots Air Quality Monitoring & Reject HB 5018
PurpleAir monitors that share data on a real time map can even send text alerts when local levels are unsafe. More
Issues: Air QualityEnvironmentPollution
Action Alert   January 31, 2024
Take Action to Protect SNAP Food Assistance for Children and Families
SB 562 would kick West Virginia families off SNAP by imposing a confusing and ineffective work requirement. One that was tested and failed to increase employment in 2016. More
Issues: Kids and familiesSNAP
Action Alert   January 30, 2024
E-Day Advocacy Webinar on February 6th
Join WV Environmental Council lobbyists Lucia Valentine and Isabel Stellato on Tuesday, Feb. 6, at 7 pm for a free webinar to get up-to-date information on bills we are tracking and talking points for meeting with key legislators during the legislative session. If you missed our Advocacy 101 webinar, you can find a recording and other resources here. More
Issues: Environment
Action Alert   January 24, 2024
Urgent Partner Alerts: Keep Guns and Propaganda Out of WV Schools
Call to Action from Moms Demand Action: We received notice that HB 4299, the Arming Teachers and Administrators bill will be heard in the House Education Committee WEDNESDAY 1/24 at 2:00 p.m. Plus details and ways to take action on other bills soon to be considered by the full Senate, including SB 468, which would require West Virginia teachers to use curriculum developed by out-of-state, anti-science, anti-abortion extremists. More
Issues: EducationGun SafetyGun ViolenceKids and families
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