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Action Alert CAG April 23, 2024
West Virginians for Energy Freedom: Morgantown Community Action Event
We'll provide you with information and opportunities to learn more about affordable energy and give space to discuss rising utility costs. More
Issues: EnergyEnergy efficiency
Action Alert CAG March 21, 2024
Hydrogen Energy Listening Session
There are two types of Hydrogen energy production and one of them (Blue Hydrogen) is on it’s way to trying to weasel into the towns of weary Appalachians. More
Newsletter article CAG March 18, 2024
Arming Teachers Bill (HB 4299) “Thankfully Dead”
We're happy to report that HB 4299 was never put on agenda and, in the words of one sensible Senator, was reported as “thankfully dead.” More
Issues: EducationGun Safety
Newsletter CAG March 18, 2024
Capital Eye: Vol. 17 No. 8
A short list of the worst to fail includes the Women’s Bill of Wrongs; the Lock Up the Librarians/book banning bill; as well as the timbering in state parks, anti-carbon offset agreements, anti-air monitoring and welfare for Diversified Energy bills. More
Citizen Action Group Blog CAG March 12, 2024
Helping Hour with Swingstein & Robin
Come out to support WV Citizen Action Group with the perfect music to accompany your favorite beverages, snack, and friends. More
Action Alert CAG March 12, 2024
Tell Governor Justice to Veto HB 5105
Vaccinations Save Lives, and that is why we are very concerned about HB 5105. In a time when states all around us have loosened vaccination requirements, and are seeing measles outbreaks, some legislators in West Virginia seem to want to follow them down that dangerous road. More
Action Alert CAG March 11, 2024
UnitedHealth (Doesn’t) Care: Demand United Put Care Over Cost!
Is UnitedHealthcare your health insurer? Have you had problems with said health"care" insurance provider?? More
Issues: Health InsuranceHealthcare
Action AlertCitizen Action Group Blog CAG March 9, 2024
The United Vision Project Training – March 2024
We're working to develop strategies to help all of us work together and advance policies that result in real improvements in people's lives. More
Action Alert CAG March 4, 2024
Keep Vulnerable Children in School – OPPOSE SB 614
While teachers undoubtedly need more support and tools to address problematic student behavior, the primary response in SB 614 is removing, excluding, and isolating children who are generally between the ages of 5 and 10 years old. More
Issues: EducationInequalityRacial Justice
Newsletter article CAG March 3, 2024
Tell Your Senators: No Arming Teachers!
Schools should be safer; and there is plenty of research that shows how to make that happen, not arming teachers! More
Issues: EducationGun Safety
Newsletter article CAG March 3, 2024
SORO Carbon Credit Alert
Some WV lawmakers are trying to pass legislation severely restricting West Virginians’ ability to manage their timber. SB 618 would regulate terms, require new bureaucratic filings, impose new taxes, and ultimately discourage participation in carbon offset agreements. More
Issues: Climate ChangeSurface Owner Rights
Newsletter article CAG March 3, 2024
Some Good News from the Capitol
In this brutal legislative session, victory doesn’t quite look the way it has in years past. Reducing the harm of any given bill through the committee and amendment process is a win. Read the good news, plus ways to challenge what the legislature is trying to do to laid off workers, elementary school students, and seniors on SNAP. More
Issues: Criminal JusticeEducationSNAPUnemployment benefits
Newsletter article CAG March 3, 2024
Oppose HB 5159: Elimination of Work Permits Detrimental to Low-Income Youth
HB 5159 would now eliminate work permits for 14 and 15 year old's. It was advanced by the Senate Workforce Committee on February 21st, 2024. More
Issues: EducationInequality
Newsletter article CAG March 3, 2024
Support HB 5647, Support Medicaid, Support Healthy WV
Legislators must put the health of WV first and vote YES on House Bill 5647, the bill that will fully fund Medicaid in the future. More
Issues: HealthcareMedicaid
Newsletter article CAG March 3, 2024
Healthcare for All – Week 8
Besides the vital insurance coverage it provides to the people of the state, Medicaid is vital to West Virginia’s hospitals and providers. Our health care infrastructure is more heavily dependent on Medicaid than most other states. More
Issues: Kids and familiesMedicaidVaccines
Newsletter article CAG March 3, 2024
‘Crossover Day’ is History – One Week to Go
Our job moving forward is to try to get the few good bills still in play over the finish line and make as many bumps in the road as possible for those we want to die. This is where you, our citizen activists, can really help! More
Issues: Budget priorities
Newsletter article CAG March 3, 2024
WV Environmental Council Weekly Roundup
This is their weekly roundup as we head into the final week of the session. Learn which bills WVEC is working to defeat, why they’re bad, and how you can help. More
Issues: Environment
Newsletter CAG March 3, 2024
Capital Eye: Vol. 17 No. 7
Of the nearly 2,600 bills introduced, only those which have passed either the House or the Senate are still in play. More
Action Alert CAG March 1, 2024
Support HB 5647, Support Medicaid, Support Healthy WV
It also supports our health care infrastructure, with providers, clinics and hospitals dependent on the program to stay in operation. More
Action Alert CAG February 26, 2024
Tell Governor Justice to Veto SB 841
Tell Governor Justice to stand with workers, reject proposed cuts to unemployment compensation and veto SB 841.  More
Issues: JobsUnemployment benefitsWorkers
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