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Action Alert CAG April 25, 2023
Bring Renewable Energy Jobs to the West Side Community Meeting
Join us Friday, April 28th at 5 PM for a discussion on how Charleston's West Side can benefit from new investments in renewable energy, and what we can do to create more opportunities to put people back to work and help people get into higher paying jobs.  More
Issues: Clean EnergyClimate JusticeJobs
Action Alert CAG April 19, 2023
Public hearing and extended commenting time for Pleasants bailout
Tell the PSC that you don't want to pay to keep open a power plant that we don't need, and won't benefit us. Join us for a public hearing on Thursday, April 20th at 3:30pm at the PSC office in Charleston. Can't make it on Thursday? No problem! Submit your comments now! Tell the PSC how increased electric bills would affect your family or business. More
Issues: Climate JusticeEnergyEnvironmentPollution
Press Release CAG March 31, 2023
Acquisition of Pleasants Power Plant would transfer liability and costs to local utility customers
The potential purchase of the 44-year-old coal-fired power plant by Mon Power and Potomac Edison would transfer significant liabilities and costs from FirstEnergy investors onto West Virginians. Local customers of Mon Power and Potomac Edison utilities would pay for, maintain, and accept liability for the aging Pleasants Power Station and pay a guaranteed profit for FirstEnergy's investors. Burdening ratepayers with the costs, risks, and liabilities that come with the onsite coal ash pond and landfill is especially unreasonable given the fact that Mon Power does not need to buy another power plant to meet customers’ electricity needs. More
Issues: EnergyEnvironmentPollution
Action Alert CAG March 8, 2023
Tell FirstEnergy: No More Bailouts for Expensive, Polluting Coal
FirstEnergy's regulated West Virginia electric utilities, Monongahela Power Company and The Potomac Edison Company, are considering buying the Pleasants Power Station, a 1,300 megawatt coal plant that is scheduled to retire this summer. If FirstEnergy customers are forced to bail out this failing plant, the plant could continue polluting our climate, water, and air for many more years. Send their CEO a message now and tell them why you as a customer don't want them to purchase any more dirty, expensive coal plants. More
Issues: Climate ChangeEnergyPollution
Newsletter CAG February 28, 2023
Legislative Update Week 7: Crossover Day & Controversial Bills
Crossover day is this Wednesday. Several controversial bills are moving, along with a few good ones. Others remain stalled in committee. If you've not taken action yet, now is the time to make those calls and send those emails! More
Issues: NewsletterWV Legislature
Newsletter article CAG January 31, 2023
It’s About to Get Ugly, Very Ugly
The Anti-Racism Act of 2023, HB 2007 banning physicians from providing gender-affirming surgery to minors, SB 59 cutting the number of weeks that laid off workers are eligible for unemployment, Bills SB 158 and HB 3018 that would to End Child Marriage, misuse of ARPA funds and more. More
Issues: EducationInequalityKids and familiesRacial JusticeUnemployment benefits
Newsletter CAG January 31, 2023
Legislative Update Week 3: It’s About to Get Ugly
In addition to guns in schools, the legislature is taking action on a number of other controversial issues that in a sane and rational world wouldn’t be taking up time better spent addressing real issues affecting our state. Keep reading for more on what's happening under the dome. More
Issues: NewsletterWV Legislature
Newsletter CAG January 23, 2023
Capital Eye Vol. 16, No. 2 – Legislative Update Week 2: Battle of the Tax Cuts
The House quickly passed the governor’s bad idea of eliminating one quarter of our state’s annual revenue by cutting 50% off personal income taxes over the next three years. However, Senate leadership has deemed HB 2526 DOA and, not to be outdone, they’re cooking up their own tax cuts. Also keep reading to learn more about health care bills we're keeping an eye on, action on environmental and climate legislation, election bills that are gaining traction, and other major actions in the House and Senate. More
Issues: Budget prioritiesDemocracyEnergyEnvironmentHealth CareKids and families
Newsletter article CAG January 23, 2023
(Other) Big Things That Happened – Week 2
Here’s a quick overview of some of the other big things that happened this past week — things that aren’t covered elsewhere in this update on the second week of the 2023 legislative session. This includes action on "zombie bills" on guns and unemployment in the Senate. In the House, the Health Committee advanced bills to reorganize DHHR and limit health care options for transgender youth. More
Issues: EducationKids and familiesUnemployment benefitsWorkers
Advocacy Letter CAG December 1, 2022
Letter to Congressional Leadership in Support of the MAT (Mainstreaming Addiction Treatment) Act
WV CAG joined nearly 200 state and national organizations to urge Congress to pass the MAT (Mainstreaming Addiction Treatment) Act by the end of the year. If passed, the MAT Act would prevent overdoses, increase access to treatment, and reduce stigma by removing federal rules that prevent healthcare providers from prescribing a lifesaving medication for opioid use disorder. More
Issues: Health CareHealthcare
Action Alert CAG November 21, 2022
Zero Waste Manufacturing: Remediate, Recover, Repurpose – Dec. 1st, 3PM
This webinar will give a brief overview of the importance of shifting to a circular materials management economy, the network of various eco-materials that can be made, and how policy plays a role. More
Action Alert CAG November 19, 2022
Push NOW to Pass the MAT Act!
Help everyone take this win home for our people by completing two action portals to contact members of Congress linked here. More
Issues: Health CareHealthcare
Action Alert CAG November 19, 2022
ReImagine Appalachia 2023 Strategy Summit – Jan. 10th & 11th
Each day will consist of a keynote panel of speakers followed by breakout strategy sessions! More
Action Alert CAG November 19, 2022
Maximizing Value: What We Need for Best-Practice Broadband Implementation – Dec. 6th
Join us on Tuesday, December 6th to learn how we can we work together to achieve our principles for equitable broadband implementation in Appalachia. More
Action Alert CAG November 19, 2022
Bi-weekly ReImagine Appalachia Update Call! – Nov 22nd, 12PM
This upcoming Campaign Update meeting will feature updates from Blue Green Alliance's Dan Taylor and Bella Goñi from Green for All of More
Citizen Action Group Blog CAG November 14, 2022
Elevance Denies Medically Necessary Care; Profited $2.3 Billion in Grotesque Q3 Earnings Report More
Issues: Health CareHealthcare
Action Alert CAG November 10, 2022
CONNECT: How 40 Local Governments in our Region are Reuniting for Climate Action
They will highlight the geographic and demographic diversity of their network that includes high-capacity, early adopter, and low-income communities. More
Citizen Action Group Blog CAG October 12, 2022
Advocates Converged in DC Calling for Executive Action on Drug Prices from HHS Sec. Becerra
Advocates from across the nation, including from West Virginia, converged outside of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) building at 12:00 p.m. ET on Thursday, Oct. 6 to remind Secretary Xavier Becerra that he has the power to help lower drug prices for Americans right now, and make medicines affordable in ways the Inflation Reduction Act cannot, using existing executive authorities. More
Issues: InequalityPrescription Drug Prices
Action Alert CAG October 11, 2022
Advancing Environmental Justice through the Inflation Reduction Act
Many of the provisions have a finite amount of funding. Join us for a panel discussion to make sure you're leveraging all of the benefits of the IRA. More
Issues: Climate ChangeClimate Justice
Action Alert CAG September 20, 2022
Electrification of Public Transport Paper Release
Please join us on Tuesday, September 27th for the launch of our Sustainable Transportation issue paper that highlights the unique opportunities here in Appalachia that this generational infrastructure investment could bring to our region! More
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