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Citizen Action Group BlogNewsletter article Julie Archer June 28, 2024
1974-2024: Celebrating 50 Years of Citizen Action
It's hard to believe it’s been 50 years since David Grubb returned to West Virginia after working for consumer advocate Ralph Nader with the idea of forming a statewide organization designed to represent the interests of average citizens. More
Issues: Budget PrioritiesDemocracyEconomyEnvironmentFair taxationFamiliesHealthcareWorkers
Citizen Action Group BlogNewsletter article CAG June 28, 2024
CAG Expands the Team
Meet our new team members: Mindy Salango, Tyler Cannon, Jillian Welsh, and Cassandra Wiley! More
Issues: Civil RightsEnergyEnvironmentFamiliesHealthcareWorkers
Citizen Action Group BlogNewsletter article   June 28, 2024
Transforming Appalachia: Renewable Energy Initiatives in Southern West Virginia
By supporting renewable energy in rural coalfield towns throughout Appalachia, we can unlock renewable's full potential to drive economic prosperity, environmental sustainability, and community well-being across WV. More
Issues: EconomyFamiliesWorkers
Action Alert CAG February 26, 2024
Tell Governor Justice to Veto SB 841
Tell Governor Justice to stand with workers, reject proposed cuts to unemployment compensation and veto SB 841.  More
Issues: EconomyWorkers
Action Alert CAG February 15, 2024
West Virginians Deserve To Be Paid Fairly For The Energy They Produce
Call your Delegate and tell them to support House Bill 5422 for full retail credit net metering. Customizable script included here! More
Issues: EconomyEnergyFamiliesWorkers
Newsletter article CAG February 8, 2024
Climate Eye Week 5
We've reached day 30 of 60, we're halfway there! Here are some updates on WV Citizen Action's ongoing legislative work around climate with actions you can take to support net metering and protect citizen air monitoring. If you’re interested in environmental issues and advocacy, we’d love to see you at E-Day on February 13th! More
Issues: EconomyEnergyEnvironmentFamiliesWorkers
Newsletter CAG December 20, 2023
Capital Eye Vol. 16, No. 12: 2023 – What a Year!
Our multi-faceted approach to positive change is building momentum. Keep reading to find out more. More
Issues: Budget PrioritiesDemocracyEconomyEnvironmentFair taxationFamiliesHealthcareWorkers
Newsletter CAG October 25, 2023
Capital Eye Vol. 16, No. 11: Continuing the Fight for Democracy, the Environment and Health Care for All
Our October eNewsletter is out! WV Citizen Action and our many friends and partners have been hard at work this summer and fall. WVCAG's multi-faceted approach to positive change is building momentum. Keep reading to find out more. More
Issues: Budget PrioritiesCivil RightsDemocracyEnergyEnvironmentFair taxationFamiliesHealthcareWorkers
Action Alert CAG September 1, 2023
2023 WV Citizen Action Awards Picnic – Meet our awardees!
One of West Virginia’s biggest strengths is its people. The Mountain State is full of passionate folks doing the work needed to improve the lives of their fellow West Virginians and ensure our people are safe, healthy, and successful. That’s one reason why, each year, we come together to recognize several individuals for their contributions to our state and their communities. Please join us in honoring and celebrating our awardees! More
Issues: Civil RightsDemocracyEconomyEnergyEnvironmentFair taxationFamiliesHealthcareWorkers
Newsletter article CAG August 17, 2023
Advocates Celebrate Inflation Reduction Act Anniversary
"On the first anniversary of the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), advocates held a press conference to discuss resources available to West Virginians under the law." More
Issues: Budget PrioritiesEconomyFamiliesWorkers
Action AlertCitizen Action Group Blog CAG August 2, 2023
Join WV New Jobs Coalition at 9th Street LIVE!
This week's 9th St. Live Friday on the Plaza will showcase Robot Charlie! Come out to see NJC's table, say hello, and enjoy the music! More
Issues: EconomyEnergyEnvironmentFamiliesHealthcareWorkers
Newsletter CAG June 19, 2023
Capital Eye Vol. 16 No. 10: Truth and Consequences
WV CAG's June 2023 Newsletter is ready, and it’s available both in PRINT & to DOWNLOAD! More
Issues: Budget PrioritiesCivil RightsDemocracyEconomyEnergyEnvironmentFair taxationHealthcareWorkers
Press Release CAG May 24, 2023
MEDIA ADVISORY: Republicans Put West Virginia Millionaires Over State’s Workers, Children & Seniors
U.S. House Republicans Voted to Strip $8.3 billion of Federal Funding from West Virginia To Give Corporations and the Ultra-Wealthy Another Tax Cut More
Issues: Budget PrioritiesEconomyFair taxationFamiliesHealthcareWorkers
Action Alert CAG May 8, 2023
We Want to Hear from YOU! WV Vision Survey
Envision the type of West Virginia you want to raise your children, or grow old in. Complete our survey to join other West Virginians to create the vision they want to inhabit. This data is being collected in hopes of shaping policies and platforms to address concerns and improve the lives of all West Virginians. Lend us your voice & share your vision for WV! More
Issues: EconomyFamiliesWorkers
Action Alert CAG April 19, 2023
Summer Policy Institute 2023 – Application Deadline May 1
Students can work with professors to receive course credit! All participants are asked to attend all sessions. There is no cost. More
Issues: Budget PrioritiesCivil RightsDemocracyEconomyEnergyEnvironmentFair taxationFamiliesHealthcareWorkers
Newsletter article CAG March 14, 2023
Elections & Courts – Final Legislative Update
Of the nine election bills passed by the Senate, three were taken up and passed by the House during the final week of the session. Unfortunately, two of these would decrease transparency of political spending in West Virginia. More
Issues: Budget PrioritiesCivil RightsDemocracyWorkers
Newsletter CAG March 14, 2023
2023 Session Wrap-up
The 2023 Legislative Session ended over the weekend, and 332 bills were completed. It has been a rough one, with a lot of bad and some good done. Keep reading to find out more. And be sure to check our events calendar for more opportunities for learning and action. More
Issues: Budget PrioritiesDemocracyEconomyEnvironmentFair taxationFamiliesHealthcareWorkers
Newsletter CAG March 7, 2023
Legislative Update Week 8: Crossover Chaos
Crossover day last week saw a lot of the really terrible bills, and also many of the best we were hoping to move, hit the recycle bin. With only a few days left in the session, every call or email to our legislators, and our governor, is vitally important for the bills that remain.  More
Issues: Budget PrioritiesDemocracyEconomyEnvironmentFair taxationFamiliesHealthcareWorkers
Action Alert   March 3, 2023
Action Needed Now on PEIA Bill
The PEIA Cost Shifting Bill (aka SB 268) is being rapidly moved through the legislative process. Legislative leaders are trying to make PEIA solvent by reducing benefits and kicking participants off the plan instead of creating a dedicated revenue stream for long-term stability. Learn more and take action here. More
Issues: Budget PrioritiesHealthcareWorkers
Newsletter CAG February 28, 2023
Legislative Update Week 7: Crossover Day & Controversial Bills
Crossover day is this Wednesday. Several controversial bills are moving, along with a few good ones. Others remain stalled in committee. If you've not taken action yet, now is the time to make those calls and send those emails! More
Issues: Budget PrioritiesDemocracyEconomyEnvironmentFair taxationFamiliesHealthcareWorkers
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