Legislative Update Week 7: Crossover Day & Controversial Bills

Crossover day is this Wednesday. Several controversial bills are moving, along with a few good ones. Others remain stalled in committee. If you’ve not taken action yet, now is the time to make those calls and send those emails!

With so much going on under the dome, we invite you to keep reading to find out more about what’s happening and how you can take action. And be sure to check our events calendar for opportunities for learning and action in the coming days and weeks.

Keep Those Memberships Coming! You are the Action in Citizen Action and when you make those calls to legislators and send in that green energy to support the work. It’s a real morale boost when the going gets tough! So thank you for taking a minute to join or renew your membership!

Working Through the Weekend
The Legislature worked over the weekend to move bills ahead of Wednesday’s crossover deadline. As has been the case these past sessions, more bad bills are moving than ones we’d like to see pass.
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Elections & Courts Update – Week 7
As we approach crossover day, here’s an update on where various election and courts bills are in the legislative process. 
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Affordable Insulin and Supplies Bill Passes the Senate – Needs Help in the House!
Please take 2 minutes today to call and express your support for the diabetics in your life and around the state. And help Medicaid recipients move safely towards better employment, without losing health coverage.
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WV Poor People’s Campaign Demands Justice for West Virginians Who Died in Custody
The West Virginia Poor People's Campaign is joining Ms. Kim Burks to honor the life of her son, Quantez, and all of the lives taken senselessly at the Southern Regional Jail on Saturday, March 4th at 11am. Together we will pray and then march for his memory and for justice.
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WV DEP Holding Public Meeting on Ethylene Oxide Monitoring – March 2 @6PM
Over the past year, the WV Department of Environmental Protection (WVDEP) has held a series of public events around its fenceline monitoring project and announced last week that it had signed a collaborative agreement with Union Carbide Corporation’s Institute facility to reduce ethylene oxide (EtO) emissions. It also announced it has published its final report on its monitoring project. A public meeting on the final report is set for Thursday, March 2, 2023 from 6 to 8 p.m. at the Wilson Union Hall on the campus of West Virginia State University.
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No Exceptions
This commentary dialogue was submitted by WV CAG member Bettijane Burger. Burger is a retired teacher and a former president of the WV National Organization for Women.
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Leading for Justice: Read All About It!
By Lida Shepherd, American Friends Service Committee - WV Economic Justice Project. Read on for some good news (and yes, bad too).
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