Capital Eye: Vol. 17 No. 9

We’re celebrating the Mountain State by rallying West Virginians to join us in strengthening, invigorating, and empowering our communities. We’re also gearing up to celebrate 50 years of Citizen Action. No matter your passion, skills, or area of interest — a stronger democracy, a sustainable future, or healthcare for all — you have a place in the movement. Dive into our latest newsletter to discover more about our initiatives and ways to volunteer or get involved. Together, we can build lasting power and make a significant impact in people’s lives.


1974-2024: Celebrating 50 Years of Citizen Action
It's hard to believe it’s been 50 years since David Grubb returned to West Virginia after working for consumer advocate Ralph Nader with the idea of forming a statewide organization designed to represent the interests of average citizens.
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No Parks, No Libraries? No Levy.
One of the most critical and least talked-about activities of West Virginia Citizen Action is that we offer fiscal sponsorship to grassroots community groups who want to fundraise and organize for change in their backyards. One such project, the No Parks, No Libraries, No Levy group, formed last year in response to the Cabell County Board of Education’s proposal to slash the budgets of the county library system and parks from their excess levy.
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The 2024 WV Primary: Musical Chairs Anyone?
As the dust settles from this major primary election, it's evident that we all have our work cut out for us between now and November. We all need to do everything we can to help our friends and neighbors understand our critical juncture as a state and a nation. We must get like-minded folks registered and out to the polls to help restore balance and move toward a state government that better represents us all.
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2024 Legislative Session: It Just Keeps on Happening
The legislature gaveled out in March after passing 279 bills. The governor vetoed seven of them, including a controversial one loosening school vaccination requirements and a popular bipartisan effort to allow our electric utilities to build more solar power in our state. However, it's never really over. As we were going to press, the governor called the legislature into special session. More details here.
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Transforming Appalachia: Renewable Energy Initiatives in Southern West Virginia
By supporting renewable energy in rural coalfield towns throughout Appalachia, we can unlock renewable's full potential to drive economic prosperity, environmental sustainability, and community well-being across WV.
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Judicial Integrity: Ethical, Accountable Courts Are A Pillar of a Strong Democracy
In the current political climate, state courts and constitutions are playing an increasingly central role in protecting and advancing rights around reproductive freedom, gender justice, voting rights, and more.
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Medicaid’s Wild Ride
The health and well-being of the most vulnerable populations in our state should not be held as a political bargaining chip. As always, we stand ready to fight for everyone to have access to healthcare and the services they deserve. Our fight to protect Medicaid continues.  
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Introducing the Care Over Cost Campaign
Is your insurance company denying the medication or care that you need?  Join us in the Care Over Cost campaign!
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WV CAG’s Organizing Revival: Building People Power
WV Citizen Action staff and leadership are proud to announce that the Organizing Revival is underway in West Virginia! Together, we can amplify the voices of West Virginia's citizens and strengthen, invigorate, and empower our communities.
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Barbara Fleischauer honored with Rockefeller Award
Members of WVCAG were recently on hand to celebrate as former Delegate Barbara Fleischauer was honored at the Charleston Women’s Club with the West Virginians for Affordable Healthcare Rockefeller award.  This distinguished award was given to Barbara in recognition of her lifetime of tireless work improving access to healthcare for West Virginians.  
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CAG Expands the Team
Meet our new team members: Mindy Salango, Tyler Cannon, Jillian Welsh, and Cassandra Wiley!
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1974-2024: Celebrating 50 Years of Citizen Action
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No Parks, No Libraries? No Levy.
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