Capital Eye Vol. 17 No. 3

Week four has seen the introduction of 1,388 bills in the House and 613 in the Senate as of today, Jan. 31, 2024. The last day to introduce bills in the House is Feb. 13 (which is also E-Day) and in the Senate the cutoff for new bills is Feb. 19. These dates can’t come too soon as every day more pile on. We’re talking with legislators all the time about bills we support and oppose, but when they hear from the voters back home, they really pay attention! This is where your actions as a citizen can make a difference! As you read through this update take a few minutes to send a personal note to your legislators on issues that resonate with you. Find them here. Another way you can make a difference is to become a supporting member of Citizen Action. Thanks to all who have done so already!

Too Many Bills, and Not Enough Good Ones!
Week four has seen the introduction of 1,388 bills in the House and 613 in the Senate as of today, Jan. 31, 2024. Your input is important! As you read through this update take a few minutes to send a personal note to your legislators on issues that resonate with you.
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Climate Eye Week 4
Unsurprisingly, there’s been a lot going on in climate and environment issues. Here are updates on a few bills CAG staff is specifically working on and important actions you can take. Most urgently, there will be a public hearing Friday on a bill to weaken citizen air monitoring efforts. If you can’t attend the hearing, please take a few moments to let your Delegate know that you support protecting citizen air monitoring.
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Protect Grassroots Air Quality Monitoring & Reject HB 5018
PurpleAir monitors that share data on a real time map can even send text alerts when local levels are unsafe.
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Take Action to Protect SNAP Food Assistance for Children and Families
SB 562 would kick West Virginia families off SNAP by imposing a confusing and ineffective work requirement. One that was tested and failed to increase employment in 2016.
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Anti-Vax Bills are a Threat to Our Kids and Communities
West Virginia doesn’t have a great track record on health or health outcomes. But one thing we have been doing right is the success of our childhood immunization program. We are leaders in the nation in protecting our children and public health. Unfortunately, every year some members of our legislature try to roll back the laws on childhood immunizations. This year is no different. Around a dozen bills take aim at creating exemptions or eliminating protections for infants and children.
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Misc. Updates with Links for More In-Depth Reading
Some good news! The progress of a number of bad bills we alerted you about last week has slowed. Other bills, both good and bad, have advanced, but are pending in other committees for further consideration. Lots of links here for more on what happened last week, a look at where things are heading this week, and other great resources for legislative updates and actions.
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E-Day Advocacy Webinar on February 6th
Join WV Environmental Council lobbyists Lucia Valentine and Isabel Stellato on Tuesday, Feb. 6, at 7 pm for a free webinar to get up-to-date information on bills we are tracking and talking points for meeting with key legislators during the legislative session. If you missed our Advocacy 101 webinar, you can find a recording and other resources here.
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Upcoming Events
Visit to see more about upcoming events!
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Updated: February 8, 2024 — 6:03 pm
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