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Citizen Action Group Blog Eve Marcum-Atkinson November 17, 2022
This presentation will follow the process and experience of their approach to our seeing one another as both unique and fully human. More
Issues: RaceRacial Justice
Citizen Action Group Blog Eve Marcum-Atkinson November 15, 2022
PRESS RELEASE: Biden-Harris Administration Announces $250 Million to Finance Energy Efficiency Upgrades For American Families And Businesses
The Biden-Harris Administration, through the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), today announced it is accepting applications from all 50 states, five U.S. territories, and the District of Columbia for $250 million in formula funding through the Energy Efficiency Revolving Loan Fund Capitalization Grant Program. More
Issues: Clean EnergyEnergy efficiency
Citizen Action Group Blog Gary Zuckett November 14, 2022
Letter to Sen. Manchin & Capito: 17 WV orgs share strong support for prioritizing extension of the expanded Child Tax Credit and Earned Income Tax Credit as part of any year-end budget deal
17 organizations in West Virginia have shared with Senators Manchin and Capito their strong support for prioritizing extension the expanded Child Tax Credit and Earned Income Tax Credit as part of any year-end budget deal. More
Issues: CTCKids and familiesTaxes
Citizen Action Group Blog CAG November 14, 2022
Elevance Denies Medically Necessary Care; Profited $2.3 Billion in Grotesque Q3 Earnings Report More
Issues: Health CareHealthcare
Citizen Action Group Blog Julie Archer October 31, 2022
Don’t Ghost the Election. Make Your Plan to Vote
Make a plan to vote and bring your boo! Then join us and our partners in the WV Civic Engagement table to call and text fellow West Virginians to get out and vote in the 2022 election.  More
Issues: DemocracyElectionsVoting
Citizen Action Group Blog Julie Archer October 24, 2022
Much At Stake With Proposed Constitutional Amendments
In addition to the congressional, legislative, county and local elected offices that will appear on the ballot this November, voters must also consider four separate amendments to the state’s constitution. Here’s a refresher on what’s at stake with these proposed changes to the West Virginia Constitution.  More
Issues: Budget prioritiesElectionsFair CourtsFair taxationTaxesVoting
Citizen Action Group Blog Julie Archer October 24, 2022
Natalie Tennant: 2022 Si Galperin in Defense of Democracy Awardee
The 2022 Si Galperin in Defense of Democracy Award was presented to Natalie Tennant for her commitment to public service, her ongoing work to safeguard our elections and protect the freedom to vote for all Americans. More
Citizen Action Group Blog Julie Archer October 24, 2022
Takeiya Smith: 2022 Thomas A. Knight Excalibur Awardee
The 2022 Thomas A. Knight Excalibur Award was presented to Takeiya Smith, founder and Executive Director of Young WV Forward, for her leadership, commitment to racial, social and economic justice and working to improve the quality of life for all West Virginians. Takeiya is leading a youth and Black led movement empowering students to mobilize in their own communities to make change in the systems impacting our daily lives. More
Citizen Action Group Blog   October 24, 2022
Crystal Good & Emily Thompson: 2022 Paul Nyden & Don Marsh Public Service Awardees
The 2022 Don Marsh & Paul Nyden Public Service Award was presented to two individuals committed to the furtherance of justice and equity in our state, our country and our world: Crystal Good, an Affrilachian artist, social advocate, digital media entrepreneur, founder, publisher and Editor of Black By God the West Virginian, and the fiercely committed reproductive and social equity advocate, Emily Thompson, Director of Organizing for Planned Parenthood Votes South Atlantic.  More
Citizen Action Group Blog Eve Marcum-Atkinson October 23, 2022
2022 Awards Picnic: Photos, Video, and More
We had a great time on Thursday, Sept. 15th at Little Creek Park for our 2022 Awards Picnic. The temperature was delicious, as was the food, the games were fun, and the music was just lovely. See pictures from the picnic, our livestreamed video of the music and awards ceremony, a full list of our sponsors and read more about our outstanding awardees here. More
Issues: AwardsFundraiser
Citizen Action Group Blog Eve Marcum-Atkinson October 22, 2022
Groups Gathered for Jan 6 Justice: Our Freedoms, Our Vote Rally
[VIDEO] Rise Up WV, WV Common Defense, WV Citizens Action Group and others gathered Friday Oct. 21st from noon until 1:00 PM in front of the WV State Capitol river side steps for a rally to speak out for Justice, our Freedoms, and Our Vote. More
Issues: FreedomsJusticeVotingVoting Rights
Citizen Action Group Blog CAG October 12, 2022
Advocates Converged in DC Calling for Executive Action on Drug Prices from HHS Sec. Becerra
Advocates from across the nation, including from West Virginia, converged outside of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) building at 12:00 p.m. ET on Thursday, Oct. 6 to remind Secretary Xavier Becerra that he has the power to help lower drug prices for Americans right now, and make medicines affordable in ways the Inflation Reduction Act cannot, using existing executive authorities. More
Issues: InequalityPrescription Drug Prices
Citizen Action Group Blog Gary Zuckett September 28, 2022
Historic Climate Legislation Passed – An IRA Summary
West Virginians will benefit from this historic legislation through money-saving incentives and additional support for communities on the frontlines in the transition to clean energy. More
Issues: Clean EnergyClimate ChangeInflationIRAMedicare
Citizen Action Group Blog   September 5, 2022
We’re Hiring!
WE’RE HIRING!!! Want to help shape the future of WV? WV New Jobs Coalition has FOUR opportunities available! More
Citizen Action Group Blog   August 15, 2022
Voter Issues and Action Survey: Full Summary of Results
Our Voter Issues and Action Survey was very successful in calling attention to many of the issues voters face when attempting to make their voices heard at the polls. We are confident that this will serve as a stable foundation as we work with our partners to devise new initiatives to hold election officials accountable and encourage them to resolve many of the issues identified through this campaign. Read the full summary here. More
Issues: DemocracyElectionsVotingVoting Rights
Americans for Tax Fairness logo
Citizen Action Group Blog   August 5, 2022
Passing President Biden’s Build Back Better plan will provide an opportunity to make historic investments in working families, jobs, the environment, affordable health care, education and so much more. It will also help unrig our tax code and economy to ensure millionaires, billionaires and corporations begin to pay their fair share. More
Issues: Fair taxation
Action AlertCitizen Action Group BlogPress Release Gary Zuckett August 1, 2022
Much to Celebrate and Still Much To Do As They Turn 57 Years Old
It’s time for Congress to step in and guarantee equal access to coverage for everyone, no matter where they live or what they look like or what kind of job they have. There’s never been a better time than now.  More
Citizen Action Group Blog Gary Zuckett July 11, 2022
Abortion Rights Rally Draws Large Crowd in the Rain
On Saturday, July 9th, a crowd of nearly 1,000 gathered, in spite of the rain, as part of the "We Dissent!: A Rally for Abortion Rights" event, hosted by Planned Parenthood South Atlantic, ACLU of WV, Women's Health Center, and WV FREE. WVCAG and many others were there to show support and solidarity.  More
Issues: AbortionBodily AutonomyEquityHuman Rights
Citizen Action Group Blog CAG April 23, 2022
Marshall Earth Day Success! (Photo Gallery)
Thousands of us rallied over #EarthDay weekend to #FightForOurFuture and call on Congress to pass long overdue investments to address the climate crisis and create good, green union jobs. Call your senators TODAY to demand action. #ClimateCantWait gndn.us/call More
Issues: Climate ChangeClimate Justice
Citizen Action Group Blog   January 28, 2022
Testimonies on HB 2882 & SB 4 Repeal of Conditional Nuclear Ban
A collection of testimonies and comments on the Repeal of Conditional Nuclear Ban (HB 2882 and SB 4). More
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