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Newsletter article Gary Zuckett January 24, 2022
Week of Weather & Disappointment
It’s hard to know whether to begin with federal or state issues in this week's update since so much has been going on in both areas. In addition, winter has indeed arrived with black ice and power outages, too.  More
Issues: Budget prioritiesBuild Back BetterCovid-19Fair RepresentationFilibusterReproductive JusticeTaxesVoting Rights
Newsletter article Gary Zuckett January 17, 2022
Welcome to the Super Spreader Session of 2022
Hard to believe it’s 2022 now, seems like science fiction - especially with the Delta and Omicron villains roaming the streets. But not at the 2022 legislative ‘Super Spreader’ session... More
Issues: Build Back BetterWV Legislature
Citizen Action Group Blog Gary Zuckett November 2, 2021
VIDEO: A visit to the Halloween Rally for Climate Action in Charleston WV, on Oct. 30, 2021
A close-up encounter with the Halloween Rally for Climate Action on Oct. 30, 2021 in Charleston WV More
Issues: Build Back BetterClimate Change
Newsletter article Gary Zuckett October 7, 2021
Build Back Bolder
As the Equinox passes and the leaves begin to turn, we’re looking back on a maxed out summer pushing for Democracy, Jobs Care and Climate around the state and in DC. More
Issues: Build Back BetterCare EconomyDemocracyHealth CareJobsRedistrictingVoting Rights
Newsletter article Gary Zuckett July 23, 2021
New Movement Politics Director
CAG is pleased to welcome Katie Blount as our new Movement Politics Director!  Born and raised in Elkins and a graduate of WVU, she is a Mountaineer at heart.  More
Newsletter article Gary Zuckett July 23, 2021
Events Galore – WV Summer Jam Tour
We worked with the expanding WV New Jobs Coalition on a six-city bus tour called the “WV Summer Jam: For The People, Jobs and CARE-a-van” More
Issues: Care EconomyClimate JusticeFair CourtsJobsVoting Rights
Newsletter article Gary Zuckett July 23, 2021
Democracy Summer
Federal issues have dominated our work since the end of the WV legislative session and no issue has taken up more bandwidth than the effort to pass the For the People Act, the John Lewis Voting Rights Act, and DC Statehood More
Issues: Care EconomyDemocracyEnvironmentFair RepresentationFair taxationJobsVoting Rights
Citizen Action Group Blog Gary Zuckett June 2, 2021
Comments on WV polling on Rx Costs
Drug companies are among the most profitable corporations on the planet, especially in the United States where patent laws give them an unfettered monopoly to raise prices at will just because they can. This makes life-saving medications unaffordable for many Americans and needs to stop now! More
Issues: Health CareHealthcarePrescription Drug Prices
Citizen Action Group Blog Gary Zuckett May 28, 2021
Advocates Weigh in Following Vote on Bipartisan Jan. 6 Commission: It’s Time to Eliminate the Filibuster and Protect Our Democracy
Following the Senate Republicans filibuster of legislation to create a bipartisan commission investigating the January 6 insurrection, Indivisible, Fix Our Senate, and 56 other organizations representing millions of people across the country released the following statement calling on Senate Democrats to finally eliminate the filibuster: More
Issues: Filibuster
Citizen Action Group Blog Gary Zuckett May 26, 2021
Letter to Senator Manchin: Care for Creation is a Call to be Heeded and Acted Upon
We are a group of concerned West Virginians from various faith traditions—leaders and lay persons alike—who believe that care for Creation is a call to be heeded and acted upon. More
Issues: Clean EnergyClimate ChangeEnvironmentJobsPollutionReclamationUnionsVoting Rights
Newsletter article Gary Zuckett April 20, 2021
It’s Over For Now
The 2021 legislative session is now history, albeit a rather dark page as far as sessions go. We had some wins which, as Julie noted, can be counted on one hand. As with any session, killing off terrible bills took up a major chunk of everyone’s effort and there were successes on that front also.  More
Newsletter article Gary Zuckett April 5, 2021
Senate Tax Bill One-Pager
Finally, Sean’s analysis of the Senate tax bill is live. Please share! More
Newsletter article Gary Zuckett April 5, 2021
Finals Week
Remember finals week in school? Well this week at the Capitol is nothing like that. Bills packing hundreds of pages that very few legislators have read or studied will be given passing or failing grades based not so much on their merit as on perception and faith.  More
Citizen Action Group Blog Gary Zuckett April 2, 2021
Please Reject SB 569 – Public Hearing Testimony, 4/2/2021
My name is Gary Zuckett, I’m E.D. of WV Citizen Action, a consumer protection group active in people-centered public policy since 1974. I’m not a lawyer or a doctor I’m a consumer advocate. Citizens want clean air and water that won’t cause them to get sick or develop environmentally caused diseases. This bill is not good for public health. More
Press Release Gary Zuckett March 31, 2021
Report Just Released – THRIVE Agenda Would Create 50K New WV Jobs!
A new coalition of labor, economic justice, and environmental groups announced the formation today of the WV New Jobs Coalition with the release of a jobs report by the PERI Institute at U of Mass. that estimates a gain of 50,000 new jobs would be created in WV from the enactment of the THIRVE agenda, soon to be introduced in Congress.  More
Issues: Clean EnergyClimate JusticeEconomyEnergy efficiencyInequalityJobsRacial JusticeSocial JusticeSustainability
Newsletter article Gary Zuckett March 29, 2021
What A Taxing Week!
Conservatives are constantly harping about their desire for small local governance - except when they don’t. Too many examples this session to list them all but one of the whoppers is a proposed amendment to the WV constitution to give the Legislature more control over county property taxes with the intent to slash taxes paid by big, out of state corporations. The House is also debating an alternative to the Governor's income tax phase our that would devastate the state budget. More here on these and other updates from the 'Bad Idea Factory.' More
Issues: Budget prioritiesEnergyHealth CareKids and families
Action Alert Gary Zuckett March 26, 2021
URGENT ACTION: Contact Delegates – Move the Diabetes Bill Out of Committee by 3/28!
HB 2708 must be voted on and pass both Committees by March 28 or the bill dies for this year! More
Issues: Diabetes
Newsletter article Gary Zuckett March 22, 2021
Session Moves into Spring
Spring equinox brings new life back in the earthly cycle of death and rebirth. After this legislative session we’ll need a rebirth of our political cycle to make sure that the next elections bring new life behind the desks at the Capitol. New faces pushing those red and green buttons which have such a profound […] More
Issues: Aboveground tanksBudget prioritiesClean electionsCoronavirus ReliefCovid-19DemocracyEducationEnvironmentFair CourtsHealth CareHealthcareInequalityKids and familiesPollutionTaxesWaterWorkers
Newsletter article Gary Zuckett March 15, 2021
What’s really Happening at the Legislature
More than ever this session, laws are being made to benefit corporations and enrich their millionaire and billionaire owners at the expense of regular West Virginians and their families. More
Issues: Aboveground tanksBudget prioritiesClean electionsCoronavirus ReliefCovid-19DemocracyEducationEnvironmentFair CourtsHealth CareHealthcareInequalityKids and familiesPollutionTaxesWaterWorkers
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