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Press Release Gary Zuckett June 24, 2022
PRESS RELEASE: Supreme Court’s Abortion Ruling Betrays Constitutional Rights – Vigils Scheduled Across the State
The decision to overturn the constitutional right to an abortion is the latest effort by the U.S. Supreme Court’s conservative majority to erase fundamental Americans rights. The language of this decision may not mirror the leaked draft opinion but the result is just as devastating, with abortion care being pushed even further out of reach for millions of people. More
Issues: AbortionBodily AutonomyFair CourtsHealth CareHuman RightsInequality
Newsletter article Gary Zuckett June 24, 2022
AEP Rate Increases, Public Hearings, and Going Solar!
American Electric Power affiliates Appalachian Power and Wheeling Power want their customers to pay nearly $300 million more per year because the cost of fuel keeps going up. What fuel? Coal of course! More
Issues: Clean EnergyEnergyEnergy efficiencyFuel PricesInflationSolar PowerUtility Rates
Newsletter article Gary Zuckett June 24, 2022
Big Pharma Funded Group Attacks Manchin on Rx Costs
WV seniors have been getting multiple big flashy fliers in the mail accusing Senator Manchin of supporting a $300 Billion ‘cut’ in Medicare. Who's funding it? More
Issues: Medicare
Newsletter article Gary Zuckett June 24, 2022
Tobacco or Guns, Which is More Deadly?
This bi-partisan bill, if passed, would be the first piece of such legislation to move out of the Senate in this century. That’s the good news. The bad news is that it leaves much to be desired. More
Issues: Gun Safety
Press Release Gary Zuckett June 9, 2022
PRESS RELEASE: WV Groups Send Gun Safety Resolution to Congress
On Thursday, June 9th, 16 West Virginia groups and organizations submitted a resolution on gun violence to our congressional members, urging them to take real, effective action More
Issues: Gun Violence
First Friday gathering at CAG
Action Alert Gary Zuckett June 1, 2022
First Friday Happy Hour at WVCAG – 6/3/2022
Join us for this month's edition of our First Friday Happy Hour at the WVCAG office front porch. Please wear masks & use social distancing... More
Issues: First Friday
Newsletter article Gary Zuckett May 25, 2022
We’re Counting on You, Joe! Black Lung Press Conference and Campaign (Launch held May 12th)
The event was to roll out the campaign and ask our Senators, especially Sen Manchin, to restore and extend funding for the Black Lung Disability Trust Fund. More
Issues: Black LungCoal MinersDisabilities
Newsletter article Gary Zuckett May 25, 2022
Election Blues
May brings spring blooms and election postcards filling our mailboxes. Regardless, this mid-term primary should be noted for its dismal voter turnout of less than 23% of registered voters... More
Issues: ElectionsGOTVRedistrictingVoting Rights
Press Release Gary Zuckett April 20, 2022
MEDIA ADVISORY: WV New Jobs Coalition will deliver over 1300 messages to Sen Manchin on Jobs and Economy
Representatives from WV New Jobs Coalition will gather to present a petition to Sen. Manchin’s Charleston office at 1:00 PM on Thursday, April 21. More
Issues: Climate JusticeEconomyHealth CareInfrastructureJobsUnionsWorking Families
Newsletter Gary Zuckett April 18, 2022
Capital Eye Vol. 15 No. 10: What’s Next?
Our Spring Issue has Sprung! More
Issues: Newsletter
Press Release Gary Zuckett April 18, 2022
PRESS RELEASE – US Billionaires Doubled Wealth During Pandemic – Should Pay Fair Share of Taxes
Issues: Fair taxationInequalityWorking Families
Newsletter article Gary Zuckett March 23, 2022
Life After Session
Out of the 2,216 bills introduced during the 2022 legislative session, only 239 survived. Lots of really bad bills died, along with most of the good ones. Not an uplifting appraisal but... it could have been much worse. More
Issues: Aboveground tanksBudget prioritiesCensorshipDiabetesFair taxationHealth CareKids and familiesMedicaidOil and GasRacial JusticeUnemployment benefitsVaccinesVoting Rightswater qualityWorker's SafetyWV Legislature
Newsletter article Gary Zuckett March 7, 2022
Final Stretch, Beware of Zombie Bills
Last Wednesday was Crossover Day, when all bills not passed out of their house of origin are considered “dead”. “Dead” is in quotations because, when leadership wants a bill, it can come back to life like zombies. More
Issues: WV Legislature
Newsletter article Gary Zuckett February 28, 2022
Crossover Day in this ‘Overreach’ Session
When leadership has a bill they really want to keep alive, there are ways to amend them into other legislation that can survive Crossover from their house of origin. In short, nothing is really dead until the very end. More
Issues: Worker's SafetyWV Legislature
Newsletter article Gary Zuckett February 21, 2022
Mushroom Session
This session reminds me of an old saying “I feel like a mushroom because they keep me in the dark and feed me BS.” This is appropriate in so many ways as committees are sprouting (originating) lots of bills and short circuiting the normal process for introducing bills. More
Issues: Aboveground tanksEnergyFair RepresentationInequalitySurface Owner Rightswater qualityWorkers
Action Alert Gary Zuckett February 14, 2022
Virtual Environment Day: February 16 from 6:00 – 7:30 PM
The WV Environmental Council’s annual E-Day is going virtual again this year, please join by registering here. More
Issues: EnvironmentWV Legislature
Newsletter article Gary Zuckett February 14, 2022
Neighbor to Neighbor Canvass a Success!
On Saturday, volunteers fanned out in five cities knocking on doors and talking to their neighbors about the need for more federal investment in WV. More
Issues: Build Back BetterDeep Canvassing
Newsletter article Gary Zuckett February 14, 2022
Downslope to March 12th
Watching the Winter Olympics on TV reminds me of the concept I have of the flow of the legislative session. Imagine it like a snowball that gets started rolling down the mountain and, as it goes on and on, it picks up more and more snow...gettng faster and faster. More
Issues: Budget prioritiesFair taxationHealth CareInequalityKids and familiesMedicaidTaxesUnemployment benefitsWorkersWV Legislature
Press Release Gary Zuckett February 7, 2022
PRESS RELEASE: West Virginians Adapt “Country Roads” Song to Urge Sen. Joe Manchin to Support Build Back Better
West Virginia Citizen Action Group released a video today of West Virginians from across the state singing and fiddling along to a parody of “Country Roads”, urging Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) to change his position and support the popular Build Back Better legislative package. More
Issues: Build Back BetterClimate JusticeHealth CareJobsKids and families
Newsletter article Gary Zuckett February 7, 2022
Halfway There
Yes, we’re almost halfway through the 2022 session, but the frantic half is coming up. Next Tuesday (February 15th) is the last day to introduce bills in the House, thankfully. They already have 1,181 bills on their plate... More
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