Oppose Tax Cuts for the Rich

On Wednesday morning, Governor Justice announced a special legislative session beginning at noon on Monday to begin phasing out the state income tax. Don’t be fooled, this is the first salvo in eventually eliminating the personal income tax completely. The state income tax is the most progressive meaning that folks with higher incomes pay a higher percentage. The WV Center on Budget estimates that the Governor’s proposal will result in lower income families getting a whopping $90 cut; middle earners a whole $120, but the top earners will garner an average of $3,200. We call this socialism for the rich


You can have a big effect on this! The House, Senate and Governor have different approaches on how to enact these cuts so, please, contact your legislators today and leave a message for them to fully fund essential state programs, services, and schools instead of giving the already well-to-do a tax cut! 


This gambit to cut income taxes comes on top of the proposed amendment to the state constitution that we all need to vote NO on, which would give the WV Legislature the power to give a $330 million a year tax break to out of state corporations on the property taxes they pay on inventory and equipment. Property tax dollars go directly to your county to fund schools, fire and police protection, libraries and other vital services. If this amendment passes, property taxes on your homes and land will have to go up to make up for this corporate welfare. Spread the word to your friends and neighbors to ‘Vote NO’ on Amendment #2.



For expert info on all things tax and budget visit the WV Center on Budget and Policy at  https://wvpolicy.org/ or follow them on Facebook and Twitter @WVCBP.

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