Introducing the Care Over Cost Campaign

by Mindy Salango, Healthcare Organizer

Is your insurance company denying the medication or care that you need? Join us in the Care Over Cost campaign!

Hundreds of millions of people are denied health care every year by their private insurers. As a result, people stay sick or injured and sometimes die. People are stuck with bills they can’t pay, take money from rent and food, and go bankrupt.

We are mobilizing West Virginians to FIGHT BACK!  How can you help fight back?  Telling your story can help expose the greed of the insurance industry.  Personal stories have power, and we can shed light on how insurance claim denials are hurting the people of West Virginia.

Do you want to learn more? We are scheduling a series of Healthcare Town Hall events around the state this summer and fall. Watch our website and social media for more information as it becomes available.  Let us know if your community could benefit from a town hall event!

Together, we are working to transform our healthcare system, placing Care Over Cost and people over profit. Your story matters!

Feel free to contact our Healthcare Organizer, Mindy Salango, at or go to to record your story.

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