Affordable Insulin and Supplies Bill Passes the Senate – Needs Help in the House!

by Kim Jones, Campaign Coordinator for Health Care for All WV

Please take 2 minutes today to call and express your support for the diabetics in your life and around the state.

It is urgently important that we make those calls BY THURSDAY!

We have a chance to make insulin and diabetic supplies less of a financial burden for families in West Virginia. Diabetics pay 2.3% more in healthcare costs than the average person. Keeping up with the high copays on the medicine and supplies they need to stay healthy is even more challenging now with grocery prices putting such a strain on all of us. Diabetics need healthy food to keep from having irreversible long-term damage to their bodies. Diabetics in 2023 are the poster children for the issue of people having to choose between prescriptions and food. They need help NOW! They CANNOT wait another year for our representatives to address this crisis. 

It is incredibly important that we make calls to:

Ask them to move quickly to get SB 577 on the House Health Committee agenda and get it moving! The sooner we get it on the agenda the more time we will have to get it passed. If your delegate is on the Health Committee, contact them as well to show your support!

Transformative Health Care Plan Passes the House!

“The idea behind this legislation is an attempt to mitigate the Cliff Effect for those individuals on Medicaid,” Delegat Evan Worrell, (R-Cabell County) said. “The cliff effect occurs when wages from a new employment opportunity do not make up for a family’s loss of state benefits, putting the family in a worse financial situation.” Here is a link to the WV Public Broadcasting article.

HB 3274 would provide a “bridge” of healthcare coverage for West Virginians that make a little too much money to be eligible for Medicaid. Allowing them to work more hours, accept a raise or get another job and be covered until their income rises to a point that they can afford private insurance or coverage through the Affordable Care Act. This supports families who are trying to be upwardly mobile and improve their financial circumstances without being penalized by losing their health coverage. 

Please contact your senators and let them know that you support this bill!


SB 552 is on its 2nd reading in the Senate today. If it stays the course it will go to the House before Crossover Day on Wednesday and come closer to becoming another culture war bill that the Republican controlled Legislature is trying to inflict on the people of our state. It would stigmatize reproductive health care by forcing providers to provide inaccurate information about certain medications and procedures, including those that may be prescribed or performed to terminate a pregnancy to save someone’s life or preserve their health.

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