Action Alert

February 28, 2003

Act Now to Fight National “tort reform”!

Your fundamental Constitutional rights are under attack. Congress is considering limiting your guaranteed right to a trial by jury when you or a loved one is harmed through no fault of your own.

Insurance companies, hospitals, some physicians and other health care providers are asking Congress to enact strict laws that will limit their malpractice accountability. This means that you or your family would not be fully compensated when you are injured or die as the result of gross negligence by health care personnel. Those who will be affected most are those with the least—our children and seniors.

Under H.R.5, they will be getting special treatment and avoid responsibility for their mistakes. If this is passed, the mechanic who repairs your car will be held to a higher liability standard than the physician who treats your child.

Who will hold bad doctors and hospitals that make mistakes accountable? Where will victims turn? It’s up to you. If you do not speak up, our legal system will be weakened and protections for victims will be torn down.

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