Action Alert

March 3, 2003

Rally Against Overweight Coal Trucks

Tomorrow - Tuesday, March 4

NOON outside the Governor's Office (inside the state Capitol).

We need you there! On Friday the Senate passed a bill that will raise the weight limit on coal trucks to 126,000 pounds. We still have a chance to stop this horrible bill (SB 583) in the House. Coal has big trucks and well-paid lobbyists to get its message out. We need you, the people who are being asked to pay $2.8 billion for road repairs, and who are endangered by these trucks, to come out and rally against this bill! Please forward this e-mail to your friends and ask them to come tomorrow.

If you can't make it (or even if you can), please call your legislators at 1-877-565-3447 and Governor Wise at 1-888-438-2731 and tell them to oppose SB 583, the overweight coal truck bill. We hear that folks are having trouble getting through on these numbers, so give us a call at 304-346-5891 and we'll give you direct office numbers for your delegates.

You can e-mail legislators from our website at

Please make your voice heard! We made a difference last summer and we can do it again!


In addition to Tuesday's rally against raising the weight limits for coal trucks, House Judiciary Chairman Jon Amores has scheduled a public hearing on SB 583. The hearing will take place in the House Chamber following the evening floor session. We don't have a specific time but we expect the hearing to begin at 6pm. The more folks we have who are willing to speak out against this outrageous bill the better. Even if you don't plan to speak, please attend if you can. We need all the warm bodies we can get.

Linda Mallet
WV-Citizen Action Group
1500 Dixie St., Charleston, WV 25311
304-346-5891 (phone); 304-346-8981 (fax)