Action Alert

December 16, 2004


Remember the beginning of Fahrenheit 911 when the African-American members of congress pleaded with the senate to block the fraudulent election and NOT ONE SENATOR came forward.

Well, it's coming around again. On January 6, 2005 the US House of Representatives is scheduled to certify the electoral college vote. WV-CAG and other organizations will be attending a meeting with Senator Byrd later this month to discuss the possibilities of him challenging the certification. To help deliver a Senator to the House for Christmas, please call Senator Byrd and ask him to challenge the electoral college certification on January 6 due to voting irregularities across the country, but especially Ohio and Florida. Senator Byrd's number is 202-224-3954. He can also be reached toll free by calling 1-800-839-5276. If you only make one call this is the one to make. All we need is one SENATOR and one REPRESENTATIVE to cause a full national debate in Congress. WE ARE COUNTING ON YOU TO BE PART OF THE PROCESS! (Thanks to Bonni McKeown for passing this along and for organizing the meeting with Senator Byrd.)

Examples of voting irregularities can be found at the following websites:
VotersUnite - and Verified Voting -

If you're feeling ambitious and want to make additional calls you can also call the following Senators and urge them to challenge the certification:

Sen. Daniel Akaka D-HI - 202-224-6361
Sen. Jeff Bingaman D-NM - 202-224-5521
Sen. Barbara Boxer D-CA - 202-224-3553
Sen. Lincoln Chafee R-RI - 202-224-2921
Sen. Kent Conrad D-ND - 202-224-2043
Sen. Jon Corzine D-NJ - 202-224-4744
Sen. Mark Dayton D-MN - 202-224-3244
Sen. Christopher Dodd D-Ct - 202-224-2823
Sen. Richard Durbin D-IL - 202-224-2152
Sen. Russell Feingold D-WI - 204-224-5323
Sen. Daniel Inouye D-HI - 202-224-3934
Sen. James Jeffords I-VT - 202-224-5141
Sen. Edward Kennedy D-MA - 202-224-4543
Sen. Patrick Leahy D-VT - 202-224- 4242
Sen. Sander Levin D-MI - 202-225-4961
Sen. Barbara Mikulski D-MD - 202-224-4654
Sen. Patty Murray D-WA - 202-224-2621
Sen. Bill Nelson D-FL - 202-224-5274
Sen.-elect Barak Obama D-IL - 312-427-6300
Sen. John Reed D-RI - 202-224-4642
Sen. Paul Sarbanes D-MD - 202-224-4524
Sen. Charles Schumer D-NY - 202-224-6542
Sen. Debbie Stabenow D-MI - 202-224-4822
Sen. Ron Wyden D-OR - 202-224-5244
Sen. Thomas Daschel D-SD - 202-224-2321
Sen. Bob Graham D-FL - 202-224-3041
Sen. John Edwards D-NC - 202-224-3154

And URGE the following Representatives to sign a challenge for January 6th.
Assure them that we will deliver a Senator to help!

Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr.D-IL - 202-225-0773
Rep. Bernie Sanders D-VT - 202-225-4115
Rep. Maxine Waters D-CA - 202-225-2201
Rep. Barbara Lee D-CA - 202-225-2661
Rep. Hilda Solis D-CA - 202-225-5464
Rep. Tammy Baldwin D-WI - 202-225-2906
Rep. Lynn Woolsey D-CA - 202-225-5161
Rep. Robert Wexler D-FL - 202-225-3001
Rep. John Conyers D-MI - 202-225-5126
Rep. Jerrold Nadler D-NY - 202-225-5635
Rep. Gregory Meeks D-NY - 202-225-3461
Rep. Robert Scott D-VA - 202-225-8351
Rep. Melvin Watt D-NC - 202-225-1510
Rep. Louise Slaughter D-NY - 202-225-3615
Rep. Rush Holt D-NJ - 202-225-5801
Rep. Janice Schakowsky D-IL - 202-225-2111
Rep. Ted Strickland D-OH - 202-225-5705
Rep. George Miller D-CA - 202-225-2095
Rep. John Oliver D-MA - 202-225-5335
Rep. Bob Filner D-CA - 202-225-8045
Rep. Peter DeFazio D-OR - 202-225-6416
Rep. Stephanie Tubbs Jones D-OH - 202-225-7032

Help Senators and Representatives see reasons beyond the win or lose structure--this is an opportunity to be an advocate for one of the most deeply held American values, the voting rights of ALL Americans! Urge them to commit to the challenge on January 6th or to take the lead on finding others!

If you want to take to the streets, get ready to go to Washington, DC for THE ANGRY VOTER MARCH on January 6, 2005. More news to come!

WV-Citizen Action Group
1500 Dixie St., Charleston, WV 25311
304-346-5891 (phone); 304-346-8981 (fax)