Action Alert

December 29, 2004

Please Call Senator Byrd's office!
Tomorrow, Wednesday, December 29, representatives from several citizens' groups, including WV-CAG, will meet with Senator Byrd's staff.  Our purpose is to ask the Senator to challenge the electoral college certification that is scheduled to take place on January 6th.  All it takes is one Senator and one Representative to challenge the certification.  Senator Byrd's number is 202-224-3954.  He can also be reached toll free by calling 1-800-839-5276.
Why are we doing this?  We feel we must ask our Congress to ensure:
 That all the Ohio votes be counted

That all voting irregularities be investigated

That Ohio electors not be seated until we have an accurate final count

For much more on what has been happening in Ohio during the recount process, and why we think it is important that the certification of the electoral college be delayed, visit  For example, in Fairfield County, a full recount should have been ordered when the 3% test sample did not match the official vote totals. Instead, based on what county officials said was a recommendation from Secretary Blackwell's office, the recount was "suspended" so that they would not have to do a full recount. In Champaign County, a precinct signature book, necessary to verify that the number of votes that were cast, will not be made available to recount observers until after January 10 (four days after Congress has counted the Electoral College votes on January 6), per orders of the Secretary of State.

Attend the Pro-Democracy, Count Every Vote Rally - Monday, January 3, Columbus, Ohio

featuring the Rev. Jesse Jackson, Time: 2:00 P.M., Location: Vern Riffe Center for Government and the Arts, Capitol Theatre, 77 S. High Street, in downtown Columbus, across from State Capitol. Admission: Free

Sponsored by: Rainbow PUSH Coalition, Progressive Democrats of America, CASE Ohio, DoNotConcede,, United for Peace and Justice, International Labor Communications Association (AFL-CIO), Cleveland Federation of Labor (AFL-CIO),the NAACP National Voter Fund and other national and local groups to be announced, and by Congresswoman Stephanie Tubbs-Jones, State Senator Joyce Beatty, and others.


Summons Your Patriotic Outrage: Come to Washington to Defend Democracy

January 6, 2005

The Defend Democracy Rally and Vigil is planned for Washington, DC, on January 6th, the day the two houses of Congress meet in joint session to select the next president of the United States.  Citizens from across the country will be coming to a vigil and rally starting at noon in Upper Senate Park (adjacent to the U.S. Capitol) to demonstrate support for our leaders inside. We want an honest and transparent vote for president, but if we can't have that then we want to see Congress reject electoral votes sent from OH, FL, NC, IN and any other states in which massive fraud and vote suppression inflated George W. Bush's totals and diminished John Kerry's.

Linda Mallet
WV-Citizen Action Group
1500 Dixie St., Charleston, WV  25311
304-346-5891 (phone); 304-346-8981 (fax)